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So normally I am not a huge fan of the substituting Turkey for everything to lower the points.  I’m not even a fan of Turkey, but I have acquired a new appreciation for it.

My Mother, God rest her soul, was one of the best cooks on the planet.  Okay so maybe no one knew that outside of our family and friends, but she was phenomenal in the kitchen.  Everything I know I learned from her.

Anyway the one thing that woman could not get right was Turkey.  Anyone remember that scene from the movie Christmas Vacation where they stick a fork in the Turkey and all the air comes out and it collapses because it was so dry?

Yeah, every Thanksgiving was like that and no one ever said a word.  We just gnawed on our Turkey Jerky like it was the best thing ever because my Mama was not someone you messed with.  Ever.

I asked her about it after I was older, didn’t live with her, and was pretty sure she wouldn’t kill me.  Basically she was afraid of it being underdone and making someone sick.

So Turkey is not my favorite thing, but I’m coming to realize that as long as you don’t cook it with the fires from the seventh layer of hell it’s not bad.

I’ve tried several different turkey breakfast sausage things and Jimmy Dean has the best in my opinion.  I love love love (did I say love?) breakfast and at 3 Smartpoints for 3 links it saves my breakfast loving Weight Watcher heart every weekend!

3 thoughts on “Smart Swap – Turkey Sausage Links

  1. Prior to a year ago I hardly ever used ground turkey. It was beef all the way. But slowly I started swapping things out and now it’s the other way around. I hardly ever buy ground beef. I typically use ground turkey for everything. I really don’t notice a difference in taste when used in meals like chili or lettuce wraps. I still grab the beef for meatloaf though. Turkey meatloaf just isn’t the same.


  2. My family loves Kielbasa and Pierogies and I put my foot down several years ago and switched them all to the turkey version. No one complains anymore, lol. I love your story about your mother, so fun!


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