Weigh In 5-20: At Last!

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So I’ve been waiting for this week for two weeks.  I thought I would have made it last week, but thanks to how our wonky bodies work it didn’t happen.

I got my 40 pound star.  Last week was a disappointing and not deserved -.2 loss.  Point. Freaking. 2.  I was mad for sure, but I kept on plugging because this weight loss stuff is really just math.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again it is just math, and you have to find the program that helps you make sense of that math.  For some it’s Whole 30,  for some it’s Atkins, and for others it’s good old fashioned calorie counting.

For me, Weight Watchers makes sense of it to my brain and my body.  I lost 2 pounds without the point this week.  I’m getting close to goal, so I know it’ll be slower.  My body is smaller and burns less calories.  Even thought there will be disappointing weeks it’ll come, because it’s math.

Math don’t lie, but it does fib every once in awhile.

Let’s just get this straight right now – I am not the type to start running 5 miles a day so that I can get to goal in a month.  I run when there is danger.  Period.

So I’ll deal with my disappointing weeks and stick with my Yoga and strength training and walking.

But why the 40?  Why was that so important to me?  I’m an achiever.  I always have been.  Those stupid little gold stars actually help people like me.

Weight Watchers now says they are “Beyond the Scale” but I think that’s crap.  The scale is a measurement tool for that math.  I completely agree that people get totally hung up on numbers, myself included, but if we could only start thinking of it as a way to measure our health instead of our self-worth we’d all be okay.

In my younger days as a teenager I can remember them saying supermodels weighed like 118 and were like 7 feet tall.  If I get in the 140’s I look like I’m sick.  Ribs stick out and it’s not pretty.  So many of us have been taught that women should weigh 120.  I honestly don’t know how they all weight so little, and part of me wonders if they are lying.

I did some gardening this weekend and I always love taking pictures of my flowers at the beginning of the season and then again once they are in full bloom – a reverse before and after picture if you will.  I need to do that and promise I will have that up soon.


2 thoughts on “Weigh In 5-20: At Last!

  1. Congrats! Congrats! I am right there with you. I love those gold stars! In fact I lost my first one before putting it in my book. =( I so want to ask if they will give me a replacement one. I can show my book and they’ll see that it isn’t there. They can see that I have in fact lost the weight. I’m hoping they will show mercy and let me have it again. Fingers crossed! BTW, love your flowers. Very pretty!


  2. They are usually very good about it. I know they’ve replaced mine before. Probably didn’t want to see a melt down…lol


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