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So this has been one of my staples since rejoining back in February.  Everyone has their vice, their trigger when they are trying to lose weight, and mine is coffee.

I love coffee.  I mean I seriously love coffee.

The problem is I love all the stuff that comes with it – the flavored creamers, the sugar, the whipped cream.

It is amazing to me that I was probably drinking most of my Smartpoints in creamer before!  Seriously!  It’s a miracle that I did’t have more than 59 pounds to lose.

As a veteran Weight Watcher I knew this.  I tried all kinds of things when I was on the program before to make my coffee tolerable.  I remember buying those Swiss Miss light hot chocolate packets and using those, until I started noticing the big blobs of undisovable junk and it totally freaked me out.

So I knew I needed a way to make this work, and the people in my meeting kept talking about this Premier stuff.  Yeah, yeah chemicals blah blah.  I’ll take a minimal amount of chemicals over 59 pounds of fat thank you.

I actually really do try to stay away from that stuff and with the few exceptions I do.  But this, this I need.

I don’t ever drink them as protein shakes, I just put them in my coffee.  I love the chocolate one.  Vanilla is good too, strawberry is decent, and I found banana to be repulsive.

So if you find yourself needing a decent sub for your coffee, that’s my recommendation.  At only 2 Smartpoints it’s not bad.  I’ve found them the cheapest at Costco, but I’ve heard that Sam’s Club sells them at a good price too.

If you all have any tricks to jazz up your coffee please please leave it in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Food Find – Premier Protein

  1. How much do you put in and how many points is it? I love those drinks and that would be great if I could use those in place of coffee cream, as I’m using way too many points on coffee cream.


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