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I love Trader Joe’s.  I’d love it a lot more if there were one close to me, but as it is I have about a 50 minute drive to get to the one closest to me.  Armed with my insulated bags I stock up on things I consider essential to my success.

Stuff is going to happen.  Things will not go as planned.  I love to cook and don’t do processed food to much, but when life happens you need to be prepared.  Most of any “convenience” type foods that I eat are in my freezer from Trader Joe’s waiting to save the day.


I love this stuff.  It is good mixed with cream cheese on a bagel thin, awesome to use to season eggs, chicken, and many, many other things.  It’s 0 Smartpoints to boot!


Did you all know that I will not post a recipe on My 30 Point Life until I make it 3 times?  I probably could be a bit more prolific in the recipe area if I didn’t follow that rule, but I want to make sure everything is tight in case you all decide to try it.  Food is expensive and ruined food is no good.

Anyway I have one more go-round with a creamy Spicy Chicken Sausage and Potato Soup that is to DIE for before I’m ready to post.  I used this chicken sausage and it is delicious.  It’s 3 Smartpoints a link.


Am I the only one that loves Fish Sticks?  Like not an every day type deal but every once in awhile I just want a fish stick.  You get six of these babies for 6 Smartpoints and they are delicious.


These little babies are so good!  You can cook them in broth, you can microwave them, or, if you have lots of Smartpoints left over you can fry them up.  I’m not the biggest cilantro fan in the world but Trader Joe’s is making me a believer.  You get 4 mini wontons for 1 Smartpoint.


So some people may swear by those Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines.  Those things are like a snack to me, not lunch!  When I have something happen and I need lunch quick, I keep one of these in my freezer at home and at work.  It’s really good for being a frozen meal and 8 Smartpoints.

corn dogs

Turkey Corn Dogs, how do I love you?  Let me count the ways….

They are DELICIOUS.  Like seriously delicious.  You would swear you got it at the state fair, that’s how good they are.  I cook mine in my air fryer for 8 minutes @ 390 and they are crispy, fair food goodness for only 5 Smartpoints each!


As I said before I am not a big cilantro person, but this dressing has been changing my mind.  Maybe there is something to be said about acquiring a taste for things, eh?  This has become my go-to salad dressing, and it is also awesome on Tacos and the like.  It’s a pretty good point bang for your buck too, 2 Smartpoints for 2 tablespoons.


7 thoughts on “Food Find – Trader Joe’s

  1. I also love Trader Joe’s convenience foods from the freezer. So easier and delicious. Mine is 18 mikes away. I have to drive through the “big city” Worcester ,Mass. to get there.
    Barbara from Spencer, MA


  2. I’m like you Trader Joe’s is a 50 minute ride but worth it. Thanks for all
    The. Ew things I’m going to go get and give a try . Please post that soup recipe asap . It sounds good


  3. Also for all those watching their sodium intake Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute is great to use 0 sodium but lots of flavor. It’s one of their top sellers❤️


  4. Thanks so much for sharing, I made a list of all these. I was wondering which Air Fryer you use? I’ve been looking into getting one.


    • I use the GoWise it was the least expensive with the best reviews on Amazon. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it so I went that route. it’s small but I cook only for 3 so it works!


      • Great! I’ll check into that one. It’s only my husband and I so a small one may work just fine.

        Thanks again!


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