Weigh In 8-23-17 Lifetime #2

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So I’m in the middle of a long stretch of working every. single. day.

I knew I wouldn’t get to my Saturday meeting this week, so I went a few days early and at night.

Considering how I backslid into old bad habits last week I am pretty damn proud of myself for not just skipping.  I mean weighing early?  And at NIGHT?  I knew I was almost guaranteed a gain, but I knew it wouldn’t kill me, that I would live to see another day if my Weight Watcher record wasn’t perfect.

I was full well expecting at least a two pound gain.  My normal weigh in is first thing in the morning on Saturdays, so weighing at night would put me at least a few pounds heavier.

Nope.  I did gain .2 though.  So I probably lost weight, which I’m not supposed to do either.  I’m telling you people, this lifetime stuff is not for the weak.  I’ll just keep on keepin’ on!

I did had what we like to call in the Weight Watcher world a NSV, or Non-Scale Victory this week.  Have you ever been in the position where someone needs to know your size, and you really don’t want to say it?

That was me a few years ago.  I had to go into an area at work where you need coveralls so that you don’t cause cross contamination.  I remember the guy didn’t ask, he just handed over some 3X coveralls and mumbled something about me being tall.  I don’t know who was more embarrassed, him or I.

Flash forward to this week when I had to get some new ones.  They are a medium, and they are big on me!


Don’t mind the no make-up and hair that was in a hair net and I was in like 120 degree heat for 3 hours.  I was DAMN happy despite all of that.

I mean in the scheme of things something like our size should not cause embarrassment.  It is just some people are bigger than others.  It would be a beautiful world if this was true, but we all know it’s not.

Perhaps one day.

6 thoughts on “Weigh In 8-23-17 Lifetime #2

  1. I love love love your blog! I have passed it on in my WW meetings!! You are an inspiration and I love your down to earth attitude, reminds me of myself!!
    Keep rockin it!!

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