Weigh In 11-25-17: Yes I Went

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So I weighed in the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I lost .4 pounds.


Yep.  I lost weight.  I wasn’t even trying to lose weight.  Please don’t come looking for me so that you can kick my ass or anything.

I’m sure most of it was because I cooked the dinner.  Like the whole dinner for 20 some odd people.  I remember Thanksgivings past, when my Mom would cook dinner and sit there at the table and not really eat.  She always used to say that after cooking day and night she didn’t feel like eating it.

I now know what she means.  I didn’t feel like eating any of it either.  Watching friends and family enjoy my efforts was more than enough for me, and while I nibbled here or there I really didn’t overindulge at all.

Even if I would have I would have accepted it.  It’s just one day.  The really important thing is what you do the day after.  Do you get back on the wagon, or do you say “Screw it, I blew it so I might as well eat my way through a river of mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of pumpkin pie”.

Even if you did a backstroke through mashed potatoes it’s not to late.  That’s the beautiful thing.  Even if you had a calorie laden breakfast this morning it’s not to late.

You can restart RIGHT NOW.  Not tomorrow, not at dinner, but right now.

The choice is up to you and what you want.

In other news, I’ve received quite a few messages about the recipes on my blog, or more pointedly the lack of recipes on my blog.

Here’s the deal peeps.  Every recipe that I put on this blog I make at least 3 times before I post it.  I’ve had to many recipe fails from other blogs where they have this beautiful picture and it looks so delicious and it turns out nothing like that without Photoshop and the power of filters.

I won’t post recipes just to post recipes.  Food is expensive.  I assume most of my readers are all trying to at the very least eat healthy, and at the very most lose weight.

Nothing will send me into dialing the pizza dude more than a ruined dinner when I’m hangry, so I only post the tried and true.  This blog is not about how many readers I have or how much money I can make off of them, which is a good thing since I make none.

It really is about helping people, and I’m not going to post a bunch of crap that could possibly derail people.

Also, food’s expensive y’all.

I do have a few in the works right now, and they’ve been through #2 trials.  I can’t make them over and over right in a row though or I’ll derail myself by not mixing up my dishes, and we can’t have that.

So for all of you wondering where are the damn recipes there you have it.  I hope you understand.

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3 thoughts on “Weigh In 11-25-17: Yes I Went

  1. Congrats on your weight loss over the holiday! I too thank you for posting only tried and true recipes because I know my groceries are expensive! For your sake, and budget, I hope trials #1 and #2 were good! Thanks!


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