Challenge Day 6

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Everything is going great, and I can really feel a difference since I’m being more conscientious about what I eat.

I’ve seen that many of you have asked for me to post more of exactly what I eat because I’ve just been posting a picture from my tracker. I will try to do that when I have days that I have time, but know if I am just posting my tracker it is just to keep myself honest and make sure I fill it out.

How is everybody’s weekend so far?

7 thoughts on “Challenge Day 6

  1. I was doing good today until dinner…went to Arby’s, I had a plain classic RB which wasn’t horrible…it was the apple turnover that blew it 😦 it’s just one meal-I’ll be back at in the morning.


  2. I’ve been following you for a while thought I’d give some input. I’ve been tracking My problem lies in not measuring and weighing my foods. I estimate. I know my portions have been getting larger. I’m still on the downward. I do good maintaining but have about 30-40 more to “burn off”.


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