Challenge Day 8

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I’m still going strong everybody! I’m halfway through the challenge and so glad that I did it. I can already tell a difference and how I feel.

Truth be told I was at my goal weight when I started this challenge and I still am. I just feel better because I am feeding my body more nourishing foods and have cut the crap out.

How’s everybody else doing so far?

4 thoughts on “Challenge Day 8

  1. I am tracking everyday, maybe not just like I did when I first began ww, but much better than the past few (quite a few) weeks. Thank you for urging me to get back on it.


  2. I’m not getting all my points in each day. Of course I’m eating lots of 0 point foods. I track on MFP also. Not getting enough calories in each day either. In this hot humid northeast weather. I just don’t feel like eating. Plus, I’m babysitting for my 11 month old granddaughter for a week. She has me going in circles. But today I was hungry and she didn’t finish her dinner, so I ate her applesauce, chicken nugget, string cheese and ritz cracker left overs. But even that didn’t get me to my 23 points for the day! In fact these past few days I have 4 roll overs. Let’s see how I do on Wednesday weigh in day.


  3. One of the things that I truly love about the new plan is that we can have rollover points. Sometimes before I found myself eating just to make up points when I wasn’t truly hungry, and eating when I wasn’t hungry or needed it is what got me in this mess to begin with LOL


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