So I started this page to share my recipes, tips, tricks, and food finds that have helped me be successful.  That is and always will be the main focus of my blog.

There are a few things that I use regularly that I cannot find in stores near me and I get them from Amazon or somewhere else online.  When I first started the blog and people started reading it I got quite a few emails asking “where can I find this?” or “where did you get this?”.

So I started putting links in for people.  Then I heard about the affiliate program with Amazon.  It doesn’t cost the person ordering anything more, they just give you a small percentage, a referral fee, if someone orders from your site.

I started using it thinking it may help my blog pay for itself.  I do pay for my domain name and for hosting, so it does cost money out of my pocket.  If it can not cost me money to do this that would be great 🙂

One thing I can tell you is I will never put a link up just hoping people buy it.  Any and all affiliate links on my page are the same things I buy and actually use.  I will never recommend something nasty because I think I’ll make a buck.  Heck it isn’t even more than a few cents when people order.

The other business-ey kind of thing you might see on my blog is Wildtree seasonings and herbs in my recipes.

I am a Wildtree distributor so I use them, a lot.  It makes my life easier and they are fantastic.  This blog is not to promote Wildtree though.  I always give alternatives if I can in any of my recipes that have Wildtree products so that people can decide what they want to do.  Heck I need the alternatives for when I run out of Wildtree.

I am a veteran direct seller.  I’ve made it to the top levels before.  I’m with Wildtree more for the discount because I use it so much, but I do have a nice stream of customers and a small team.  When I’m not working a lot at my regular job (which doesn’t happen often) I work my Wildtree business more to make up the income.  It’s win win for me.  If you’d like to know more about Wildtree or check out their products, click here.

So that’s basically it.  I did not start this site to make money off people trying to lose weight.  I started it for me – to hold myself accountable, to document my recipes, and an added bonus was I’ve helped a few people along the way.

Why am I writing this all out you may ask?  I’ve always put “this may contain an Amazon link” blah blah at the bottom of posts that my link to my affiliate site.  It is just the ethical thing to do.  I’m writing it all out because I have seen some things out there that aren’t cool – people that are obviously being sponsored by products to make bank off vulnerable people and that is NOT COOL.

That is not me, and I wanted to be sure that any and all $$ opportunities I may have with this site are clearly spelled out and people can make up their own mind.