Salisbury Steak – Instant Pot or Stovetop

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I’ve been playing around with this recipe for awhile now, and I finally got it.  I wanted to lower the Smarpoints without compromising the taste, and I think this turned out delicious.  The steak is 4 Smartpoints and depending how much mushroom sauce you use it can be 0 Smartpoints.  I’ve added a point for it for all the strict strict people out there (like me).

This recipe doubles well, and also freezes well.  I doubled it and formed 8 patties.  I took 4 of them and wrapped them in parchment paper and placed them in a ziptop freezer bag.  They are all ready for when I am running late and don’t know what to cook.

If you are using the Instant Pot to make this you can also make a starch using the Pot – in – Pot method.

Recipe for 4 servings (can be doubled)

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Smart Swap – Turkey Sausage Links

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So normally I am not a huge fan of the substituting Turkey for everything to lower the points.  I’m not even a fan of Turkey, but I have acquired a new appreciation for it.

My Mother, God rest her soul, was one of the best cooks on the planet.  Okay so maybe no one knew that outside of our family and friends, but she was phenomenal in the kitchen.  Everything I know I learned from her.

Anyway the one thing that woman could not get right was Turkey.  Anyone remember that scene from the movie Christmas Vacation where they stick a fork in the Turkey and all the air comes out and it collapses because it was so dry?

Yeah, every Thanksgiving was like that and no one ever said a word.  We just gnawed on our Turkey Jerky like it was the best thing ever because my Mama was not someone you messed with.  Ever.

I asked her about it after I was older, didn’t live with her, and was pretty sure she wouldn’t kill me.  Basically she was afraid of it being underdone and making someone sick.

So Turkey is not my favorite thing, but I’m coming to realize that as long as you don’t cook it with the fires from the seventh layer of hell it’s not bad.

I’ve tried several different turkey breakfast sausage things and Jimmy Dean has the best in my opinion.  I love love love (did I say love?) breakfast and at 3 Smartpoints for 3 links it saves my breakfast loving Weight Watcher heart every weekend!

Fettuccine with Meatballs and Red Sauce

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So I found this new food find, which I posted about here.  Carba-Nada Fettuccine Noodles just may be my Weight Watchers saving grace.

I love pasta.  LOVE IT.  A cup of pasta is 6 Smartpoints, which who eats just a cup of pasta, and more than that takes up way to much of my 30 Smartpoints.  Yeah, I have my extras, but those are for things like popcorn at the movies and let’s be honest here, alcohol.

When I first got them I tried a simple cheese sauce with these 3 points for a cup and a half wonders, and it was fab.  I wanted to try something different with it when I had more time, and I made this dish that had my stomach full of comfort food goodness with less Smartpoints that just what regular pasta would have been….Plain!

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Southwest Burgers – Freezer Meal

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I really love having food prepared ahead of time and tucked away in my freezer.  Being prepared is half the battle when you are working on a healthier lifestyle.

This has always been my problem when I fall off the wagon and get drug behind if for a few miles.  I actually prefer healthy food over things like fast food.  My problem is I am always so so busy!

What’s really nice about this recipe is when I make the burgers I individually wrap them in parchment so I can just take a couple out.  The recipe makes four burgers, but when ground turkey or chicken go on sale I’ll make 3 or 4 pounds worth and have them at my ready in the freezer. With the cost of food skyrocketing, this has most definitely saved me some big time money.


These burgers pack a punch in the flavor department, and you’d never know you are eating something healthy!  I put them on a sandwich thin and the grand total is 6 SmartPoints when cooked on the grill!


1 lb.  ground turkey (or ground chicken)
1 Tablespoon Wildtree Garlic Grapeseed Oil (or your favorite oil)
2 Tablespoons Wildtree Fiesta Salsa Blend (or your favorite dry salsa blend)
1 Tablespoon Wildtree Rancher Steak Rub (Montreal Steak Seasoning is a good replacement)

Combine all ingredients in a freezer Ziploc and smush to blend. *Before freezing, you can shape meat into 4 patties, wrap in parchment and then freeze. Otherwise, the chicken is a little difficult to form into patties once thawed. I definitely recommend forming into patties before freezing.
When ready to serve, thaw bag in fridge. Heat 1 Tablespoon of Wildtree Garlic Grapeseed Oil (you will add a point a burger if you do this instead of the grill) in a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. If using chicken where you didn’t pre-form the patties, spoon into the hot pan as the meat will be difficult to form into patties and pan fry or grill for about 5 min per side. If using turkey, form into patties and cook 5-6 min per side. Serve on buns with mayo or sour cream,  I like to add onions and tomatoes too 🙂
If you would like to try Wildtree products, you can order from my website.  I always try to put substitutions up for you all, but I’m kind of biased to the Wildtree way 🙂