Fast Food Chicken Sandwich – Point Friendly!

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If you want to go to a fast food place and get a sandwich, it’s going to cost you. Most chicken sandwiches are between 11-20 some odd points! That’s crazy!

I’ve made a version that seems just as decadent but comes in at 7 green points. I’m not sure if the chicken would still totally count for blue, but those of you on blue know!

So I found these Tyson air fried chicken breasts:

4 smartpoints

These are only 4 points! I also cook them in the air fryer – 7 minutes each side, and I throw the bun in for the last minute to toast it as well. If you don’t have an air fryer the package has directions for the oven. I don’t know if they’ll be as crispy as they get with the air fryer, but I’m sure they’ll still be good!

Speaking of the bun:

This bun is only 2 points and is really decent! Of course there are better buns out there, but this one is a great sub and very point friendly!

I put light mayo on mine to which can range from 1 to 2 points, depending on how generous I want to be. Usually I go with one serving for one point, and a tab bit of mustard which is free.

So there you go! I end up with a delicious 7 point sandwich that according to my opinion is just as good as those huge point options from the fast food restaurants!

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Costco, Trader Joe’s and Other Various Food Finds

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I’m still busy as hell but thought I’d drop a quick post with some new food finds!  You can click here to see all my posts about various food finds I’ve had

Costco Food Finds:


All yogurt is not created equal in my eyes, and Fage is the BEST.  It is also EXPENSIVE. Costco has a 3 LB tub for $5.99 which really puts the price in line with regular yogurt you find at the regular grocery store! Score!


I love these things on salad!  15 are 3 Smartpoints but totally worth it for me.  They also have these at Trader Joe’s, but Costco is much closer to me and I only do Trader Joe runs every other month or so.  It is nice to have another place where I can get these!

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Food Find: Enlighten Me

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So I’ve heard about these broad beans in my meeting for awhile now.

Why haven’t I tried them?

Weeellll I’ll admit I don’t always trust the opinions of my fellow Weight Watchers.  There seems to be a Smartpoint-to-amount-of-food ratio that comes into play, meaning that if it is low in Smartpoints some Weight Watchers think it’s delicious.

Or maybe I’m just a food snob, which is probably very true.

Take for instance that nastiness that is Arctic Zone Ice Cream.  At one of my meetings this lady was going on and on about how great it was and you could have the whole pint of ice cream for like 8 Smartpoints of something.

That should have been my first clue.  I took one bite of the flavorless frozen water and threw it away.

So I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to recommendations, more so when they are low in points.

I mean I don’t like Halo Top but I don’t say that out loud because I’m afraid they’ll kick my butt in the Weight Watcher parking lot.

When I saw these broad bean things at Costco I decided to take a leap of faith and get them.  People go on and on about them at my meeting, and they were all happy as hell that they were back in stock last week.

They are good.  Like really good.  And only 2 Smartpoints!


They are gluten free and packed with protein and fiber.  These would be delicious on a salad.  I wish I would have got them earlier!

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Food Finds – Add Ins

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So there are a few items I use a lot to add flavor to different things that are lower in Smartpoints and help make a dish feel more satisfying.

Butter Buds


This is a throw back to my Mother.  I remember her using this all the time.  I’m not that big of a fan, but I use it for things like Mashed Potatoes and it kicks up the butter taste without kicking up the Smartpoints. To just sprinkle it on a baked potato – no way – but to use it in recipes it works great.

1 Teaspoon is free, or you can get a Tablespoon for 1 Smartpoint!

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Food Find – Werther’s Original

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So it’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth.  More like Teeth, like all of them are sweet.

Those sugar cravings are way less now, almost non-existent.  One of my secrets to staying on track is having these Werther’s Original Caramel Coffee sugar free candies on hand.

You get five of these babies for one Smartpoint!  One!

I try not to make it a habit, but when I’m having a really hard day these help big time.  It takes a long time to eat five of these, so I’ll spread them out through the day and have one whenever I’m really getting a craving for something that is outside my point range that day.

Food Find – mini Babybel Light Cheese

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So I work ungodly hours.  I get up at 3 am and don’t get home from work until after 5 pm.  I’m usually not a snacker per say, but that time between breakfast and lunch gets to me.

I love these Babybel Light Cheeses.  At only 1 Smartpoint they give you a boost of protein to get you through.  I usually pair them with some kind of fruit, usually an apple or cherries and it’s delicious.

Economically the best way I’ve found to buy these is at Costco.  They have big honking bags of them and I put keep part of them at home and take the rest to work.  These are also awesome crumbled and put on things like tacos.  I’m going to have to try these in a sauce too, I bet it’d be delicious!

Food Find – Premier Protein

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So this has been one of my staples since rejoining back in February.  Everyone has their vice, their trigger when they are trying to lose weight, and mine is coffee.

I love coffee.  I mean I seriously love coffee.

The problem is I love all the stuff that comes with it – the flavored creamers, the sugar, the whipped cream.

It is amazing to me that I was probably drinking most of my Smartpoints in creamer before!  Seriously!  It’s a miracle that I did’t have more than 59 pounds to lose.

As a veteran Weight Watcher I knew this.  I tried all kinds of things when I was on the program before to make my coffee tolerable.  I remember buying those Swiss Miss light hot chocolate packets and using those, until I started noticing the big blobs of undisovable junk and it totally freaked me out.

So I knew I needed a way to make this work, and the people in my meeting kept talking about this Premier stuff.  Yeah, yeah chemicals blah blah.  I’ll take a minimal amount of chemicals over 59 pounds of fat thank you.

I actually really do try to stay away from that stuff and with the few exceptions I do.  But this, this I need.

I don’t ever drink them as protein shakes, I just put them in my coffee.  I love the chocolate one.  Vanilla is good too, strawberry is decent, and I found banana to be repulsive.

So if you find yourself needing a decent sub for your coffee, that’s my recommendation.  At only 2 Smartpoints it’s not bad.  I’ve found them the cheapest at Costco, but I’ve heard that Sam’s Club sells them at a good price too.

If you all have any tricks to jazz up your coffee please please leave it in the comments!

Food Find – Carba-Nada Egg Fettuccine Noodles

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I’m a pasta freak.  I could probably be considered an honorary Italian I love it so much.  Oprah says we can have bread!  We can have pasta!  Yes, yes you can but you shall pay, and pay dearly in Smartpoints.

Usually I will just take the hit and eat the real deal when it comes to lower point versions of things.  I have a low tolerance for a lot of the things people doing Weight Watchers find as a low point version of something that is a favorite.

Take the Weight Watcher Skinny Pasta – it is zero points!  It also tastes like it was made from rubber bands and puppy tears.  I mean it is seriously NASTY.  I’m pretty sure tree bark is zero points also, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and eat it.

So when I saw people raving about this Carba-Nada pasta I was very reluctant to try it.  It was there in the back of my mind after seeing someone raving about it on Connect, the Weight Watcher social media site.

I checked a few of the grocery stores in my area and I couldn’t find it.  The online store locator said it was at a few of my local grocery stores but they didn’t have it.

Then I saw it on Amazon.  I took a leap of faith and ordered some.  I mean, at half the points of regular pasta if it was decent this could be a game changer.  I mean it is 3 points for 1 1/2 cups!  Most other brands will cost you 6-7 points for that amount!

Game changer it is.  I didn’t even do anything fancy with it.  It was delivered yesterday and I made a half put together 2% cheese sauce with the fettuccine noodles and it was delicious!  I mean they are like noodles!  For real!

If you can’t find Carba-Nada in your neck of the woods here’s where I ordered it:

Al Dente Carba-Nada Egg Fettuccine, 10-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

I’m already planning a super delicious meal with it for Thursday, so stay tuned for the recipe Friday!

I am an Amazon Associate so that does link to my account.  It doesn’t cost you more but I will get a small referral fee.  This site costs me money so I figured why not?  If this bothers you for some reason here is a link that has nothing to do with me 🙂

Food Find – Tumaro’s Wrap

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Anyone who is doing Weight Watchers knows that 30 points is the lowest you can go, hence my blog name.  I’m not big on fake/artificial stuff, so swapping out things isn’t always easy for me.

The Tumaro Wrap is a lifesaver!  It is ONE POINT PEOPLE.  Not only is it one point, it is GOOD.  I won’t eat stuff just because it’s low in points, it has to be delicious too!

I found these at Meijer’s, and they have all different kinds.  I love the Chia seed one also.  This whole wheat one is my favorite for making little pizzas and sandwiches.  I’m going to have pizza later, so I’ll post it!

Food Find – Crunchmaster Rice Crackers

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So I like to eat clean most of the time.  I don’t do a lot of processed foods but I’m, you know, human so sometimes I just want some junk.

Crunchy, salty, bad for you goodness.

I found the Crunchmaster Rice Crackers at Costco, and they are delicious.  It’ll only cost you 3 Weight Watcher Smartpoints for 18 of these bad boys.

Now these crunchy bits of heaven have got quite the kick, so if spicy isn’t your thing you probably won’t enjoy these.  They are incredibly flavorful, and I use a wedge of Laughing Cow to cut the heat and it’s a snack that seems totally naughty but is so nice!