Fettuccine with Meatballs and Red Sauce

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So I found this new food find, which I posted about here.  Carba-Nada Fettuccine Noodles just may be my Weight Watchers saving grace.

I love pasta.  LOVE IT.  A cup of pasta is 6 Smartpoints, which who eats just a cup of pasta, and more than that takes up way to much of my 30 Smartpoints.  Yeah, I have my extras, but those are for things like popcorn at the movies and let’s be honest here, alcohol.

When I first got them I tried a simple cheese sauce with these 3 points for a cup and a half wonders, and it was fab.  I wanted to try something different with it when I had more time, and I made this dish that had my stomach full of comfort food goodness with less Smartpoints that just what regular pasta would have been….Plain!

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Food Find – Carba-Nada Egg Fettuccine Noodles

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I’m a pasta freak.  I could probably be considered an honorary Italian I love it so much.  Oprah says we can have bread!  We can have pasta!  Yes, yes you can but you shall pay, and pay dearly in Smartpoints.

Usually I will just take the hit and eat the real deal when it comes to lower point versions of things.  I have a low tolerance for a lot of the things people doing Weight Watchers find as a low point version of something that is a favorite.

Take the Weight Watcher Skinny Pasta – it is zero points!  It also tastes like it was made from rubber bands and puppy tears.  I mean it is seriously NASTY.  I’m pretty sure tree bark is zero points also, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and eat it.

So when I saw people raving about this Carba-Nada pasta I was very reluctant to try it.  It was there in the back of my mind after seeing someone raving about it on Connect, the Weight Watcher social media site.

I checked a few of the grocery stores in my area and I couldn’t find it.  The online store locator said it was at a few of my local grocery stores but they didn’t have it.

Then I saw it on Amazon.  I took a leap of faith and ordered some.  I mean, at half the points of regular pasta if it was decent this could be a game changer.  I mean it is 3 points for 1 1/2 cups!  Most other brands will cost you 6-7 points for that amount!

Game changer it is.  I didn’t even do anything fancy with it.  It was delivered yesterday and I made a half put together 2% cheese sauce with the fettuccine noodles and it was delicious!  I mean they are like noodles!  For real!

If you can’t find Carba-Nada in your neck of the woods here’s where I ordered it:

Al Dente Carba-Nada Egg Fettuccine, 10-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

I’m already planning a super delicious meal with it for Thursday, so stay tuned for the recipe Friday!

I am an Amazon Associate so that does link to my account.  It doesn’t cost you more but I will get a small referral fee.  This site costs me money so I figured why not?  If this bothers you for some reason here is a link that has nothing to do with me 🙂