Tools – Apps and Plates

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There are a lot of tools I have in my weight loss arsenal that help keep me on track.  Since I love love love cooking one of my favorites is the Copy Me That app.


Basically if you see a recipe you like you open it up in the Copy Me That browser and it will copy it in recipe form.  Even disorganized, jacked up recipes like I write for my page 🙂

You can add tags to find different types of recipes easily.  I like it better than say Pinterest for my recipe collections because there are no click click click to just get to the recipe already.

Just search Copy Me That at the Apple or Play Store.  It’s free !

Another tool I use sends me back in time.  Back to a time when the average American dinner plate was 9 inches.  My Mother was a dish hoarder.  Like every new color scheme that came out she had to have it.  She also saved them all, so when she passed and we were going through them I wondered why there were so many salad plates and no dinner plates.

That’s because the plates before the mid 80’s were the dinner plates, not the salad plates.  Compared to our plates now they look like salad plates.

Cooking Light has a really interesting article on this here if you’d like to read more.  I’ve swapped out my big honking Fiesta plates and use the salad plates that come with the set and it helps big time!