Eliminate the But to Get the Butt

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I do Weight Watchers but I don’t count my coffee creamer.

I do Weight Watchers but I don’t track on Saturdays.

I do Weight Watchers but I have one cheat meal a week.

I do Weight Watchers but I don’t track oil I use for cooking.

I do Weight Watchers but I only sporadically track what I eat.

I’ve heard them all.

Hell I’ve done them all.

This doesn’t even have to be about WW.  I can’t tell you how many different diet plans I’ve heard the but’s on.

So when I started back with meetings this last February, I decided that I would eliminate the but.  No more me thinking I knew better than a bunch of scientists whose sole purpose is to to you know, study these kinds of things.

There would be none of that.  I would do what they said.

For two weeks.

Yes, that’s right.  I wasn’t all that sure about this whole Smartpoints thing.  It reeked of low carb which I despise.  I knew I needed to do something though, so I decided to take a leap of faith and do this  program for two weeks, even though I didn’t think it would work.

After the two weeks I’d try and find my stuff from the former program and do that.

But I’ll be damned it worked.  So I decided to do another 2 weeks of no buts.

Then another, and another.

It only took 14 times and I was at a healthy weight.  It really happened before I knew it.  I mean I’ve been close before, but was usually so burnt out by the time I got close that I’d fall off the wagon.

I’m not even close to being burnt out.

So yes, I, Kelly, admit that I was wrong.  I do not know more than the powers that be at Weight Watchers.

Why two weeks you may wonder?  Well see here’s the thing.  When you know you are going to Weight Watchers it is almost mandatory to have those last meals, those last treats.  They may not show up the day you first way in, but they sure can 7 days later.  That’s why I gave myself two weeks.

Two Weeks of no buts to get the butt I wanted.

Do you think you could do that?  Two weeks?  Just two weeks of no buts?  I bet you can.

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Weigh In 9-16-17: Lifetime #5!

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We are down to the wire peeps!  One more week and Oprah is going to have to get a side hustle because I will no longer be paying for Weight Watchers.

I did it!

It still doesn’t feel real to me.  I gained .2 at weigh in, which is not freaking me out in the least bit and is a major, major achievement.

“Regular” people fluctuate a pound or two in weight.  It is going to take me a bit to get used to being “normal”, but I am on my way.

But am I regular?

I must admit I have never been accused of being normal once in my entire life.

I’m talking about my size though.  Is my size regular?  Normal?  According to some people that is a no.


I’m talking compli-stomping people.  I really didn’t want to delve into the underbelly of negativity that comes with weight loss, but I see so many people that hear so many bad things.

You are not alone.

In case you don’t know what a compli-stomp is here’s the 411:  Someone starts off with something that sounds similar to a compliment, but turn it around to something negative.

Passive aggressive bullshit to put it bluntly.  I HATE passive aggressive.

Here’s an example that I used in a previous post:

Oh so you are losing weight…………………………….Again.

It started out as something nice until she tilted her head and smiled at me like someone smiles at a two year old and said again.

Another example:

You have done so good!  Wow!  How much more do you have to go?”

I’m at goal.

Oh how nice that you can be confident enough to still be bigger!”

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A 30 Point Day – Off the Rails

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As I continue to work on figuring out this whole maintaining thing, I’ve come to realize that this is never going to end.

I mean I know I tell myself and you all that all the time, but it’s when a bad day hits and you have to make that decision that it’s really, seriously, no doubt for life that this reality really smacks you in the face.

Yes Virginia, I have bad days.  I know a lot of peeps who see someone who got to their goal as someone that must do everything perfectly.  They must always stay in their Smartpoint range or whatever their current plan is, they always work out, and of course are always eating healthy food.

I’m here to tell you plain and simple – that’s bullshit.  We are human.  We are going to mess up.

It’s how you handle those not so good days that will determine if you will be successful.  Do you say screw it, I was bad yesterday so I might as well be bad tomorrow?  Do you beat yourself up over and over for being weak?

Or do you realize it, own it, and try your best to change it?

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Food Finds – Costco

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I have a love hate relationship with Costco.  I mean, you can get some great deals, right?

Yeah, but then they can make you fall in love with something and then BAM it’s GONE! Not cool Costco, not cool!

Anyway, here are my favorite things that I always get from Costco!


I’m so not a protein bar kind of person.  What I am is a candy bar kind of person, and when I just want a candy bar these are my go to.  Robert Irvine Fortifx Fit Crunch Peanut Butter Bars are 6 Smartpoints but you would swear they are as much as a regular candy bar, which is 1,294,089 points.

Make sure you get the right one because there are others that are way higher in points.  Scan your packages people!

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Fat – The Worst Re-Gift Ever

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Ohhh I see you are losing weight…………………………..Again………

Yeah, that was something I was told by somebody after I had dropped about 20 pounds this go-round.

You get used to being complistomped when you are on the diet wagon.  You know, when you think you are getting complimented but then they turn and stomp on you.  Yeah, I got a post coming up about that soon…

Anyway, so we’ve all gotten a re-gift before, or regifted to someone else.  Re-gifting yourself fat is the worst.

Re-fatted if you will.

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Weigh in 9-9-17 Liftetime #4 Game Changer

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So this whole maintenance stuff has been harder than I thought it would be.

I lost more weight, half a pound.  Honestly I am eating 36 points a day and all my weekly points.

I’m eating a lot, or at least it feels like I am.  If you are currently in the weight loss portion of the program you probably want to smack me or beat me up in the parking lot.

Hell I want to smack me or beat me up in the parking lot.

This site has very interesting information about weight loss.  In a nutshell, say you want to weigh 150 pounds.  You need to eat an average of 1,800 calories a day to maintain that weight.  Most people would highly restrict their calories to lose weight if they weighed like 200 pounds.

But – If they just ate 1,800 calories a day they would naturally go down to that weight.  Yeah, it may not be Biggest Loser impressive but would probably be a lot more easy to maintain.

I think the Smartpoints version of Weight Watchers gets this.  The fact that no one ever gets less than 30 Smartpoints was a brilliant move.  I mean I remember back in the day when you would get close to goal you only got like 18 points a day and were basically starving all the time.

I’ve never been hungry this time.  Well I was one time in 6 months, and that was because I saved my points for a big celebration.  I lost weight A LOT faster on other versions of WW, but I could never get to the end.  This time I did.

The fact that I’m still losing and eating very well and balanced and not starving myself tells me that maybe I naturally will be a little smaller than the top of my weight range.  This was freaking me out because to make lifetime with Weight Watchers you have basically a 4 pound weight range you have to be in.  Two pounds above or two pounds below your goal weight at the end of the 6 weeks.

Once you get lifetime you can go smaller if you want, but you have to be in that range to reach lifetime first.

I’m currently 3 pounds below my goal, and I was about to do something like put a roll of quarters in my pocket or wear my shoes on the scale to make up for it.

I stopped myself though, because I made a deal with myself from the start that has served me well:  No games with the scale this time.

So I decided to face the music and be TO SMALL? for Weight Watchers.  I stepped on the scale almost cringing and the receptionist was just like “Oh you lost .6.  Good job!”

Wait, what?

So I’m all “I’ve lost a pound to much!”

And she’s all “Oh we don’t have to stay within 2 pounds on the bottom.  As long as you are in a healthy range you’re fine now.”

Game Changer.  For real.

Now I’m faced with the decision of what my set point is going to be.  Do I keep eating the way I am and see where I end up?  Do I eat more to try and stay the same even though I am not hungry and am very satisfied with the points I have right now?

Eating more than I should is what got me 63 pounds heavier, so I think I’m going to stick with the plan I have now and see what happens.  I can always adjust, right?

I’m not writing this post to be all “oh poor me I can’t stop losing weight.”  I’m writing it for all of you that feel frustrated right now because you might not be dropping weight like you did in the past with Weight Watchers.

The way I see it, it’s a very good thing.  I think now more than ever WW is teaching us a lifestyle change, something we really can do the rest of our lives.

I mean wouldn’t you rather lose slow and be able to keep it off forever than to lose it quick and gain it back with some friends a little down the line.  Don’t get frustrated, keep on plugging through and then you can tell me how hard it is not to lose weight some day.  I promise.

That’s the real game changer.

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Easy Chili

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So I made this in my Instant Pot.  I was nervous about making it in my Instant Pot because my Mom always cooked it for hours on the stove or in the slow cooker to get those awesome flavors.

Yes, I am a “Pothead” (what they call us in the Instant Pot cult lol) through and through, but this is one I’ve never tried.  Until now, and it is delicious!  I’m so thankful to the Instant Pot Community on Facebook because they post such awesome stuff and give me courage to try things like this!

You all unfortunate people that don’t use an Instant Pot can do this one too, it’ll just take 6 to 8 hours longer 🙂  I’ve definitely modified it to be more Weight Watcher friendly, and it makes about 12 cups and is 4 Smartpoints a cup.  Not bad!

I’ve written this recipe a little different because all the ingredients can make it seem overwhelming.  It’s not, I promise!  My Mom was always adamant about following the steps on this one, and like most Moms she was always right!

Oh and the little hot dog fingers were put in for my little nephew – points not counted for those 🙂  I have Halloween on the brain!  I also made this with children in mind, so if you like your chili spicy double your cumin and add a tablespoon of crushed red pepper 🙂

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