It’s Not Working

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So your foray into (insert diet plan name here) is not working.  You aren’t losing, or aren’t losing as much as you used to lose when you did this before.

It’s frustrating.

I’m coming up to a year of being back on the wagon with Weight Watchers, and I found myself in the position just a few months after my restart, before I started this blog.  I mean when I did it in the past the weight just fell off me.  Like 3 or 4 pounds a week  (which isn’t healthy btw and probably why I didn’t keep it off).

This time is was more like a pound or two a week during the first couple of months, but then I started seeing losses that were like .2 pounds.  .4 pounds.  0 pounds.

So it’s human nature to try and find a reason why.  Surely it must be that something is different.  That something is preventing us from losing the weight like we used to lose it.

So I started paying attention.  I’m going to refer to what I found in calories for this post, because a lot of people that read me do not follow Weight Watchers.  I’m a cheerleader in doing what works for you, so I hope this can help anyone who is stuck.

I have a huge coffee addiction, one that I do not want to give up.  I get up at 3 AM!! to go to work.  If I don’t have my coffee, I will end up in prison.

I would not do well in prison.

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It happens to us all I suppose.  You get tagged in that Pic on Facebook or Insta and you want to crawl into a hole.

Better yet, it resurfaces on Facebook year after year in memories (especially if a lot of others were tagged) and you get to live it all over again!

This picture is exactly a year old, next to one of me taken a couple of weeks ago:


I remember like it was yesterday when it popped up on my Facebook feed.  I had to go to this event for work, and trust me I tried every stinkin’ thing I could think of to get out of it.

I was not a happy person, and I certainly wasn’t myself.

The evidence is in that picture.  Of course I had about 65 extra pounds on me, but you can just tell by my face that I was not happy, and I wasn’t.

Not long ago I would have been so excited to be going to a formal event.  Now it filled me with dread about what I was going to wear, how I would feel.  I mean that second picture is of me in my pajamas and I had done more to my hair and makeup then than for a formal event?

I had a lost a big part of who I was, and it was time that I found it.  I’ve shared with you all the picture that sent me running to Weight Watchers:


And now I share with you the picture that actually made me do Weight Watchers:


Yes when I saw that picture I knew I had to make some changes, big changes.  I didn’t want to be someone who just didn’t care about their self.

Even in the floral dress from hell pic I have my hair and make up done.  That’s kinda who I am.  My job doesn’t really allow for too much girly-girly stuff, so I usually go all out when not at work.

How does this happen?  How do we lose ourselves so quickly?  God knows I had some hard times before I got to this point, and I am thankful every single day that I was able to drag myself out of this….mess that had become my life.

What a difference a year makes, huh?  All of you that have pictures just like that girl in the formal dress who was wishing to GOD they wouldn’t take pictures, I want you to think about this girl:


You can be that girl.  Maybe not in a month, hell maybe not even in a year, but you can do it.  It won’t be easy, and I’m sorry but there is no magic pill that will make it all melt away.

It is worth it though.  The picture says it all.

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Weigh in 5/6 – If only it were Magic.

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The GIF associated with this post is what I send to people at work that want something done right away.  In case you are not old like me this is Tabatha from a show called “Bewitched” (and it’s actually before my time too, just saw it a lot on reruns.  I swear) and she would wiggle her nose and get what she wanted.

I stopped sending this when one of the engineers at work said “Awww is that you?” Yep, old.

Anyway….It would be so much easier if you could twitch your nose and lose the weight.  I did well this week, lost 1.8 pounds, but I’m working for it.  Which is kind of the point.  You have to work for it.  You have to be mindful and you have to move your body.

If something tells you it’s magic it’s wrong.  It is Math.  Pure and simple.  I get tired of answering all the “How did you lose all that weight??” questions with Weight Watchers because I’ll get a ton of “oh you should try this fill in the blank diet next” or “Weight Watchers doesn’t work” or “but do you eat white stuff” blah blah blah.  So my standard answer now is “I burn more calories than I consume.”

Really that is what it all boils down to, whether you do Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or Whole 30 or Atkins or the damn Hotdog Diet.  You have to eat less than what you expel.  Period.

The trick is to find something that works for you.  A family member of mine is always saying that white stuff is poison and we cannot lose weight if we eat white stuff.  I eat white stuff.  I’ve lost almost 40 pounds, 65 if you count my highest weight.  Hey, if not eating white stuff works for you, that is awesome.

I’m not going to never eat bread again.  I’m not going to never eat a potato again.  If there is one thing I have learned in my 46 years on this Earth is you best find something you can live with the rest of your life.  There is no “done”.  I’ve watched this family member drop huge amounts of weight only to gain it back along with the same amount of friends.

I’ve never done that with Weight Watchers, and God knows I’ve done it enough times.  I just get smaller each time I come back.  I’ve learned valuable things that fit me and how I want to live.

Find that and you are golden.