Weigh In 6/3/17 – Whoops!

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I didn’t weigh in this Saturday.  No, it wasn’t one of my usual excuses I used to have before this go-round like I gained weight.

I had to train someone at work, and I didn’t find out until Friday afternoon so my weigh in options were gone.

Now if I go according to my scale at home, which I’m pretty sure is possessed I lost 2 pounds, but I’m not taking it until I can do an actual weigh in, especially since it’s said I gained a pound but when I weigh in at Weight Watchers I’ve lost, or sadly when it’s said I lost 3 pounds and I weigh in and have lost like point freakin’ 2.

Possessed I tell you.

But I digress….I didn’t even realize it until yesterday, but it was a great learning experience for me.  You see, as a serial Weight Watcher I have done it all, seen it all.  In the past when I knew before hand that I wasn’t weighing in it was all “Whoo hoo we have an extra week to make up any damage Paaarrrtaaay!”.

Friday night would have been a free-for-all of ice cream and pizza.  No, probably pasta and bread, because yes Oprah tells us we can have it but you pay dearly for it with your points.

The funny thing is that thought didn’t enter my head.  I didn’t think ahh screw it I don’t have to weigh in tomorrow so I’m going to enjoy myself tonight.  I didn’t even think it.

Well so this is new and maybe perhaps I’ve finally got it this time.


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