Weigh In 6-18-17 Oh Boy

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So I’m close.  Very close.  Like 10 pounds and some ounces close.  Like I’ve never been this close before. To goal. I’ve lost 48.6 pounds and have 10.4 to go.

I haven’t weighed this little since I was 29 years old, and that my friends was a decade and change ago.

So I am super close to goal and what do I do?  Hey, let’s go to Vegas!

To be fair I had this trip planned for a while.  My brother is playing in the World Series of Poker and I said I’d go with.  This funny thing happens on the way to Vegas though, it’s like you go through this time warp travel thingy and get off the plane feeling like you are 22.

And acting it.

Please don’t say it’s just me.

Food….Drinks…More drinks…some more drinks…food.

Good God what I have I done??

Nope I’m not going to stress about it and I’m going to have a blast.  I was thinking about this vacation thing, and how it was in the pre-fat days.  It wasn’t like I went on vacation and was like “oh I better not eat that” or “I better not drink that huge honking margarita because I might gain weight.”

No, I went and had a great time, and when I got back if the pants were a bit snug I reeled it back in until they weren’t.

Did I mention that the two other times I did Weight Watchers and fell off the wagon was after going on vacation?

It feels different this time.  I’m giving myself a pass.  Am I going to eat everything in site and drink until I puke?  No, but I am going to have some awesome crepes at the Paris and a Sprinkles cupcake and oh probably my fair share of adult beverages.

Will I gain?  Maybe.  Will my butt be back in that chair July 1st facing the music for whatever may happen?  Most definitely.

I leave this Friday so my blog may be a bit of a ghost town since I haven’t had a day off work in two weeks and have so much to do before I go.

But I’ll be back.  I promise.

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