Food Find – Bread! Yes!

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Ooooh that white stuff.  Carbs.  The reason why I could never stay on point with a low carb diet.


I love bread.  Sandwiches, croissants, toast, deli rolls, pitas…I love it all.

Now yes you can have bread following the Weight Watcher’s plan, but you shall pay for it in Smartpoints, oh yes you will.

The beautiful thing is there are a lot of options that are more point friendly, and when you want something like an Italian Beef Sandwich you can just budget your Smartpoints so that you can have that awesome deli roll with it.

Here are some of my favorite Smartpoints friendly options:


Thomas’ Light Multi-Grain English Muffin = 3 Smartpoints

I love these for breakfast sandwiches.  An egg, some Canadian Bacon and you have a 5 or 6 point breakfast that will stay with you.


Brownberry Sandwich Thins:  3 Smartpoints

I like to use these with a good burger.  If your burger is seasoned and cooked well the bread is just a delivery device.  These work perfect for that.

healthy life

Healthy Life Whole Wheat (or White) Bread = 2 Smartpoints for 2 slices

The most Smartpoint friendly of the pack this is a decent substitute.  It’s not the greatest, but it works!  I like to use this for toast or to make croutons for my salads.


Joseph’s Flatbread = 2 Smartpoints

This is my favorite flatbread.  I know there are a lot of them out there, and I’ve tried a bunch of them, but his is the best in my opinion.  They have a ton of flavors and it is awesome for flatbread pizza!


Joseph’s Pita Bread – 1 Smartpoint

The lowest in Smartpoints of the bunch, this is also my FAVORITE.  These are delicious!  The only place I have been able to find these is at Super Walmart, and I swear there is like a ton of Weight Watcher folks on the lookout for these because they go FAST.

I was desperate enough once that I ordered from Amazon for like $4 a pack…lol  Now I just horde them when they are in the store.

They are great for pizza’s,  sandwiches, or even bread pudding.  They have a soft texture and taste amazing.

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