A 30 err 36 Point Day

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Ahhh trying to maintain your weight isn’t as easy as you’d think, but I’m working out the kinks!  Here’s a 36 point day, my new Smartpoint number!

Breakfast 6 Smartpoints


My new favorite Overnight Oats recipe!  It takes like peanut butter and jelly and is delicious!

1 cup non-fat Greek Yogurt
1/4 cup old fashioned oats
2 tablespoons PB Fit
1/2 cup frozen blueberries

Sweetener of choice (I use stevia)

At least 2 hours before eating ( the night before even better) mix yogurt, PB Fit, Oats and sweetener in a container and refrigerate. Add frozen blueberries 10 minutes before you eat. Enjoy!

Lunch 4 Smartpoints


1 1/2 Cups Chicken Lemon Rice Soup

Dinner 18 Smartpoints

chicken dinner

So I knew I was going out to eat for dinner with my family so I conserved points to be able to enjoy my dinner without stressing to much over how many points I had.  It may not seem like I ate a lot earlier in the day, but those PB&J Overnight Oats could make me almost skip lunch.  They are that filling.  The soup has Bulgar and a lot of protein in it, so it stays with you a long time too.

You can kind of see the turkey in the background of this picture.  It was dry and not very good.  In the past I would have ate it anyway because it was on my plate and one does not simply waste food.


I’m totally not wasting points on stuff that tastes bad.  Since I was out to eat I had to find things in the app that would fit.  It may not be perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than I would have done before!  I actually probably overestimated, but that’s okay.

I can’t help the part of my brain that tells me “Damn, you could have made this at home with your air fryer and Instant Pot for waaaaaaaaaaay less points!”  Yes, eating out is pointy for sure, but it’s going to happen and the beautiful part of this program is it helps you to deal with that.

Dessert 8 Smartpoints

Not pictured because, dessert.  Yeah I ate it before I could take a pic.  It was a scoop of creamy delicious chocolate gelato and it was heaven.  It’s funny, this Weight Watcher stuff.  Before a scoop of ice cream?  One scoop?  Ha!

But now it’s enough.  It really is, I swear I’m not just trying to talk myself into it.  Before I know I would have ate way more than what I did, and I would have felt like total crap and sent the stock price of Tums through the ceiling.

Now though, now I was satisfied, had a great meal with my family, and didn’t feel like there was a herd of elephants running through my digestive system.

Win!  Win!

I think I mentioned it in the last post, but if you don’t follow my blog I’d recommend it because I have a HUGE give-a-way coming up to show how much I appreciate all of you!  I mean I started this blog to document some of my recipes and hopefully help some of the Weight Watcher newbies out there because I know it’s hard to get started.

It went from that to my blog getting hit 50,000 times a day sometimes!  It’s unreal!  I have all of you to thank for sharing my blog with others!  It’s still a surprise, but you’ll know in the next few weeks what the prize package is!

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2 thoughts on “A 30 err 36 Point Day

  1. Congrats on Lifetime. Maintenance is the hardest part……you HAVE to continue to weigh in, even if you gain. Take it from one who’s been there, done that!


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