Food Finds – Add Ins

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So there are a few items I use a lot to add flavor to different things that are lower in Smartpoints and help make a dish feel more satisfying.

Butter Buds


This is a throw back to my Mother.  I remember her using this all the time.  I’m not that big of a fan, but I use it for things like Mashed Potatoes and it kicks up the butter taste without kicking up the Smartpoints. To just sprinkle it on a baked potato – no way – but to use it in recipes it works great.

1 Teaspoon is free, or you can get a Tablespoon for 1 Smartpoint!

PB2 or PBFit


PB2 and PBfit are basically the same product.  I go for whichever is cheaper.  This is actually something I used before I started Weight Watchers – It makes some awesome baked goods too!  I used to sub this for half of the flour when I wanted something super peanut-buttery.  It is so good in Overnight Oats.

I hear people say they mix it with water and use it as peanut butter but that’s not my thing.  I’ll splurge on the real deal if I’m having PB&J.

2 Tablespoons = 1 Smartpoint

Infused Oil


Oil infused with different flavors can really bring a dish to life.  I use Wildtree oils and will settle for nothing less, but you can find infused oils at your local grocery store too.

Let me tell you, a little garlic grapeseed oil on popcorn is HEAVEN, and totally worth the Smartpoints.

1 Tablespoon = 4 Smartpoints

Instant Potatoes


I know this seems like a strange thing to put on a post about flavor ad ins, but it is actually a very versatile product.

Whenever you want to make something creamy, here’s your hack.  I use this in a lot of my cream soup recipes, like my Spicy Sausage and Potato Soup and it really helps kick up the right texture without using cream.

Experiment with it, you might be surprised!

1/4 Cup = 2 Smartpoints

What kind of flavor bombs that are lower in Smartpoints to do you like to use?

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