Food Find – Snack Attack!

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There are times when you just gotta have a snack.  I don’t mean an apple, or a banana, or a bunch of celery sticks.


Crunchy, salty goodness.

I have two favorites that work with well with my Weight Watcher’s Smartpoints.


Skinny Pop Popcorn – 3 SP a 4.4 oz bag

I know I can make my own, but it usually ends up being about 25 Smartpoints because have you ever made Popcorn with garlic infused oil?  Yeah,  it is amazing and something that I do every once in awhile, but that’s the thing – you can only do things like that once in awhile, not every night.

This gives me my fix for 3 Smartpoints and is really good.


Cape Cod Chips – 4 Points a serving

I am still mad at Costco for not having my serving size individual bags of these anymore, but the big bag works too.  I bring the bag home and portion it out immediately into zip top sandwich bags.

For me this is an important step because they are seriously good and you would never guess they have 40% less fat.  I’m not a huge chips person, but when I get the craving I try to have these on hand.

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