Weigh In 9-2-17 Lifetime #3

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So this is what losing 62 pounds looks like on a 5’8″ woman.  It’s funny because most days I don’t feel like I look any different than before.  Then I see pictures like this side by side and think “holy crap”.

I mean how can you look this different but not see it yourself until you see your former self next to your new self.

That’s kind of messed up.  I’ll need to think on that one a bit….

Anyway I’ve had a few questions about my latest weigh ins and how I have Lifetime and a number after them. I sometimes forget the whole world hasn’t done Weight Watchers (eh hem, several times) and doesn’t know what such things mean.

You see when you go to WW you set a goal weight that has to be in a healthy range (or a weight a doctor says you should be) and once you get to that goal you have to maintain that weight for 6 weeks.  You can go two above or two below, but at the end you have to be in that four pound range of your goal.

Once this happens you are a Lifetime member and no longer have to pay WW as long as you stay in that two above/below range.  You have to weigh in once a month to keep your status.  I’m not sure what happens if you don’t do the once a month thing because hell I’ve never gotten this far before.

This whole maintaining your weight thing has been much more difficult than I thought it would be.  I know that’s not what any of you out there still in losing mode want to hear, but it’s the truth.

I lost 1.8 pounds this week. Whoops.  Okay so it’s not a total disaster but figuring out how to eat more without eating to much more is difficult.

It’s like saying “Hey recovering heroine addict, you can have a little more heroine and I’m sure it won’t push you back into being an addict!”

So instead of thinking Whoo Hoo I can eat more I’ve been working on incorporating more “real” food – like cheese that isn’t 2% and oh dear God real honest to goodness ice cream.

I’m mostly doing that because I’m not hungry.  I am satisfied with eating 30 points a day, and that is a sure fire way to bump up your points without adding a big amount of volume.

So my range is 36 points now, and I’m still losing so I am going to try and eat all my weekly points this week.  I ate about half of them last week, so we’ll see what happens.

I’m still stunned by the difference in these pictures and that it took me seeing them to see that there has been such a dramatic difference.  I think that’s another post for another time.


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9 thoughts on “Weigh In 9-2-17 Lifetime #3

  1. As a Lifetime member myself, I continued going to meetings and weighing in every week, staying within that + or – 2lbs for a couple of years. So when I realized one month (you have to weigh in the first time you go each month, you can’t skip it) that I was NOT going to be within that “free” range, I was concerned about what would happen…do I get charged for the whole month at the rate when I was losing? Or what? Well, all that happened was I paid $15 for that meeting. No lecture, no shaming, just matter-of-fact handling, which I much appreciated. It took me a few weeks to finally get back to free but I kept on going (and paying) and working toward it. I was not told (when I reached lifetime) what to expect when I was over that free range. Were you? I think members should be told so they won’t stay away for fear of what happens when you’re over.


    • Not to much was said when I made lifetime, they just explained adding extra points until I stopped losing weight and how I shouldn’t stress about it while I’m figuring it out.


  2. I need a mentor and someone to look up to since I am doing WW online and not going to the classes because I can’t find one near me that works with my hectic work and family schedule.


  3. Bravo to you on your journey! I think when people see weight loss they only see, you must have done a few things and like magic you lose weight….but as a fellow WW member I see what lies beneath….Celebrate your amazing journey!


  4. I joined WW after reading about you success. Congratulations! You are an inspiration. I was wondering what kind of exercise you did because you look great!


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