A 30 Point Day + 6

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So I lost weight last week, but I didn’t use all my weekly points so I’m going to stay with the 36 Smartpoint target and eat all my weekly points and see what happens. It is hard to find that sweet spot where you don’t gain or lose, but I’ll find it!

Breakfast: 11 Smartpoints


Please don’t fall out of your chairs in shock.  You peeps that read my blog a lot know how I loves me some overnight oats for breakfast and eat it almost every day.  When I get that rare day off I like to do up breakfast, and I had Kodiak pancakes with sugar free syrup, a fried egg, and turkey sausage links.

It was delicious and worth every. single. point.

I also had a Premier Protein in my coffee for 2 Smartpoints.

Lunch:  5 Smartpoints


Chicken, peppers and onions seasoned with my Wildtree Opa! Seasoning baked in the over and served on a Joseph Pita with Tzatziki Sauce.  I was pretty full from breakfast so I went light with lunch, although this is so filling for only five points!

Dinner:  11 Smartpoints

one pot meal

This is one of my favorite dinners ever, and I made it all in one pot!

One Pot Meal – Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

Snacks:  7 Smartpoints

I had an Apple and a string cheese (weight watcher brand) for 1 Smartpoint

I had these:


4 Smartpoints worth

and then this:


Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with FF Cool Whip for 2 Smartpoints.

It seemed like a lot of food that day.  I’m working on finding that balance where I’m not hungry but not stuffing myself.

In some ways this Lifetime stuff is almost harder than the losing weight part.  I mean I knew if I ate my 30 Smartpoints a day I would lose weight.  I actually am learning way more about my body than I ever knew before.

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2 thoughts on “A 30 Point Day + 6

  1. You’re exactly right about having to find a sweet spot. To use weeklies? None? Half? Activity points? None? Every body is different and responds differently, which is why it takes some experimentation before finding exactly what works best for yourself. I’m just about to embark on that journey myself. Weight Watchers starts Saturday morning.


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