Smart Swap – Tzatziki Sauce

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When I am trying to keep my weight in check my problem isn’t with my meals – I love healthy food.  Like when I was a kid I used to cry if we didn’t have salad.  Yeah, I was a weird freakin’ kid and pretty much still am.

No, the fruits and veggies are not my problem but what is my problem are the things I add to those fruits and veggies.  Sugar, sauces, dressing….I love those too and they can sometimes be more calories then if you just had a flippin’ steak!

Tzatiziki Sauce is a Greek sauce that I keep in my fridge at all times!  It is made with Greek Yogurt, Dill, Cucumber, Garlic, and Lemon and it is delicious and flavorful.  It is a great sub for a lot of things, like marinades (FAB on chicken), veggie dip, and even salad dressing.  It adds a nice kick to sandwiches too.

I use the Wildtree seasoning blend when I make mine, which makes it easy and organic, but there are tons of blends out there in your local grocery store, or there are tons of recipes out there for it.  If you’d like to try the Wildtree blend you can click here.

It is literally 3 points for a whole cup!  2 tablespoons are ZERO and you can have up to 8 tablespoons for one point!

Cucumber toasts are awesome!  Use your favorite carbohydrate delivery device, add some sliced cucumber, Tzatiziki sauce, and maybe some olives – delicious and low smartpoints!

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