Weigh In 9-30-17: On My Oooown…

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Once again…

Anybody older than dirt like me and remember that song?  Loves me some Patti…

Anyway, so my weigh in was a little different this week because I didn’t go to weigh in.


I’ve missed three of my regular meetings since I went back.  They were all at the end of a financial quarter because my life becomes a living hell and I live at work the last few days of the month.

What I did do was weigh in at home, and I was half a pound less than last week, which means I stayed the same because my scale always weighs lighter at home.

Now I knew I wasn’t going to the next meeting.  I knew I was going to work and probably wouldn’t get back to a meeting for a week, maybe two.

And I stayed on track.  I followed the program.  You do not (or maybe you do) realize how big of an achievement this is for a serial Weight Watcher.

Let me break it down for those that don’t understand what I’m putting out there……

It’s my nephew Dominic’s birthday this week, and I have a tradition where I take my nieces and nephews shopping and out to eat for their birthday each year.  I never wanted to be the Aunt that bought them socks or something.

So we went to a burger place and then to get ice cream.  I had a cheeseburger and a small chocolate sundae.

Not the healthiest of food, but it is not realistic to believe you will never have these kinds of things again ever.  I knew I was going, I pointed out my food, and I enjoyed having dinner with a rambunctious soon to be 4 year old.

Now if this would have been me when I did the program previously I would have been all “Hot Damn!  I’m not weighing in so I can have what I want and have two weeks to make it up!”

Oh that small sundae would have been a big one….With whipped cream and nuts to boot.  The cheeseburger would have had double cheese and probably some onion rings to go with it.

And I would have felt miserable the whole rest of the day and more than likely night.

Instead I still made good choices and had a great time.  I wasn’t counting down the minutes in the store because I felt like total and utter crap, but enjoyed spending time with my nephew.

I didn’t feel deprived at all.  In fact, I should have felt deprived before because I wasn’t putting my best foot forward.  I wasn’t enjoying the experience, just the food.

The experience is so much better.

It gives me hope that I have really changed my mindset this time.  I always strove to do that, but in previous versions I was so focused on the scale and the little charms and all that junk that it was more of a competition with that damn scale instead of a program I was going to use to get myself good and healthy.

I’ve turned that corner.  I’m sure of it.

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