Low Carb Berry Crepes

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Yeah, yeah yeah….I said it. Low Carb. I am all about balance in life, but unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control I must now watch my carbs because of some health issues.

So that has set me on a new path of cooking. Not entirely new, mind you as lower carb seems to fit lower points when making up a recipe.

I can do without bread during a meal, and to tell the truth I haven’t eaten bread with a meal in years. Yes, I’ve had a sandwich here and there but for just “extra” that doesn’t happen.

I do love my sweets though, and this low carb doesn’t jive with it. I knew I was going to have to come up with some stuff that was healthy but played gave my sweet tooth a fix to be able to cope with this new way of life.

Enter Aldi Sweet Crepini’s.

I made these berry crepes and let me tell you – they are delicious! Super WW friendly at 3 points too!


4 Crepini
1 Cup Frozen Mini Blueberries (or regular, I just like using mini’s for this)
1 Cup Diced Strawberries
1/2 Cup Stevia Confectioner’s Sugar
1/4 Teaspoon Chinese Five Spice
1/2 Package Crystal Light (yes, it’s all I had – don’t hate!)

Sugar-Free Cool Whip to garnish. I used 4 Tablespoons each on mine which is 2 points blue. The Crepe is 1 point and the berry’s are free!

Method of Preparation:

Combined berries, confectioner’s sugar, and five-spice and Crystal Light in a heavy bottom saucepan over medium heat. Stir constantly until the confectioner’s sugar is completely melted. Turn heat to low, cover, and cook for 8 minutes giving it a good stir at the 4-minute mark.

Remove from heat and let cool for about 15 minutes.

Layout the 4 crepini’s and spoon equal amounts of berries into each, only on half the crepe. Fold over, then fold corner in, fold again, and fold again to make a nice little package. Top with cool whip and pour some of the left over juice over the crepe. Enjoy!

I made a short TikTok video showing the process if you want a visual:

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