Steak and Cabbage

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Alright, I’ll admit it.  I have a long way to go with my food photography, and I probably should do better than a paper plate. This was a quickie though, and one of my absolute favorite recipes that is super good in Smartpoints and also follows the Simply Filling technique!

This recipe always brings awesome memories of my Mom.  She loved this meal, so we had it a lot.  Granted it isn’t the sexiest looking dish, but it is deep with flavor and gives that comfort food good vibes for sure.

I snapped these pics awhile ago, and I was doing the Simply Filling technique.  When using Smartpoints, I separate the Bulgar, steak, and cabbage on my plate to better count points.  Bulgar is 4 points a cup, the steak is 3 Smartpoints for 3 oz, and the cabbage is free.

I used my most favorite appliance in the entire world to make this, my Instant Pot.  If you have memories of your Grandma’s pressure cooker blowing up and hitting the ceiling don’t fret!  The new versions have tons of safety features, and can replace several appliances like your crock pot or rice cooker.  It makes PERFECT eggs.

Watch Amazon because they have it as the deal of the day all the time!

I’ve also included stove top instructions for those of you who do not have a pressure cooker.

1.5 pounds tenderized round steak
1 small head of cabbage, core removed, quartered
3 teaspoons Wildtree Rancher Steak Rub (Or Montreal Steak Rub found in grocery store or just liberal salt and pepper and garlic powder)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup Bulgar Wheat (found in the International aisle at the grocery store)
2 1/2 cup beef broth
Method of Preparation:
Season steak liberally with seasonings.  The Wildtree is my favorite, and is sold online at here.
Cut into 1 inch strips, being sure to keep them all the same size:
Set your Instant Pot to Saute Mode, drizzle oil  and wait for it to read hot.  Working in batches so not to crowd the pan give each piece a steak a good browning.
Once all the steak is done remove from pan and add the broth  Scrape the bottom of the pan and get all those delicious bits off and melted into your broth.  Add Bulgar.
Stir to incorporate
Next layer cabbage on top of bulgar/broth.
Give it a pinch of salt and then layer steak on top.
Close lid and cook on manual mode for 8 minutes.  Let naturally release for 10 minutes, and release any remaining pressure.  Stir all ingredients together, and if it still is a little juicy return to saute mode for a few minutes.  Enjoy!
If you are following Weight Watchers or count calories you can easily remove the steak and cabbage so that you can measure your bulgar.
Now if you want to cook this on the stove top:
You will not use the bulgar.  I use this to sop up the extra juice in the pan for this, and I love bulgar.  You will be stirring to much to do it this way.
So instead of putting your ingredients in your Instant Pot, you will put them in your pan on the stove.  You need a very deep pan, and to be honest I usually use my stock pot.  I brown the steak just like above, add only 1 cup of broth, then return all – steak and cabbage to the pan.  cook on low for at least 50 minutes, stirring about every 5.

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