Smart Swap – A Love Letter to Bulgar Wheat

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Bulgar, Burghul, Bulghar….It’s spelled many different ways but this staple in my pantry is one of my very favorite foods.  I learned about Bulgar Wheat my first go round with Weight Watchers, back in 2002.  I didn’t even know it existed, but I joined to support my Armenian friend who was getting married.

To her family Bulgar was like potatoes to my family.  It was something they ate quite a bit.  This gem is a complex carb and can easily replace rice in most dishes.  White rice comes in at 7 Smartpoints a cup, and Bulgar at 4.

It fills you up big time, and takes on the flavor with a slight nutty tone to whatever liquid it is cooked in.  I would be hard pressed to eat a cup of this along with a meal, and that’s saying something as I am a champion at eating 🙂

You can find this in your International section of your local grocery store.  The store closest to my house didn’t carry it, so I recommended it and now they do.  I always use the course #3, as it is bigger and more rice like.  You will see this over and over in my recipes, because it is just that good!

3 thoughts on “Smart Swap – A Love Letter to Bulgar Wheat

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