Easy and Fast Veggie Stir Fry

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So I work a lot.  Like a 40 hour work week is a vacation for me.  At our meeting this week someone mentioned how much we eat out now.

We never ate out when I was a kid in the 80’s.  Unless it was someone’s birthday or an anniversary we ate home cooked meals, and none of us had weight problems.  We ate dessert every night for God’s sake!

I fell into the take out routine in my 30’s, and it’s also when I packed it on.  Even when you are trying to eat healthy they add so much salt and oil and the tears of puppies that even if you don’t eat huge portions (which they usually are) you don’t have a hope in hell of maintaining or good God losing weight.

I’m hungry when I get home, and if I haven’t prepped something, or I don’t want to wait an hour for something to be done, or sometimes I’m just to damn tired to cook I make this.  This is my go-to recipe on those nights when I’m hangry and just over it.

I can have this from prep to my plate in 10 minutes, and it’s GOOD.  I keep brown rice in my fridge at all times – just to be prepared and because I eat this at least once a week!

The most important thing about this is to have everything ready to go and measured out. I put my seasonings in a ramekin, and have everything else out with the measuring spoons.

What is completely awesome about this is you can adjust your rice or your oil or your egg beaters if you have a lot or a little points.


2 cups frozen stir fry vegetables
3 tablespoons Egg Beaters
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder
2 teaspoons Wildtree Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil (or your oil of choice, use one with a high smoke point)

1/2 cup prepared brown rice
1 teaspoon reduced sodium soy sauce

Method of Preparation:

In a large skillet or wok get your grapeseed oil hot.  I cook on high/medium high the whole time.  Once your oil is sizzling, add your frozen veggies.  Top with your seasonings, and stir frequently, for about 5 minutes.

I keep this big honking bag of stir fry vegetables from Costco in my freezer at all times:


Push your veggies to one side of the pan and add your egg beaters.  Stir until done, about 30 seconds. Mix everything together and add your rice and the soy sauce.  Stir for about 30 seconds, and you are done!

This is very filling.  Depending on my points for the day sometimes I add 1 more teaspoon of oil or more egg beaters.  At 3 tablespoons they are free, but you can go as far as a cup and it’ll only add 1 smartpoint to your recipe!

Brown Rice is also one of those magical ingredients that is 4 points for 1/2 cup, and 7 points for a cup.  Score!

There are a couple more things that I like to keep on hand for this dish from Costco to make it super fast and super delicious!

stir fry 3

These chicken strips are amazing and versatile.  I use them in this dish, in salads, or in protein bowls.

stir fry 2

I’ll sub my brown rice with this when I’m in a big hurry, and the flavor in this Quinoa & Brown rice really adds to the stir fry!

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