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I have a love hate relationship with Costco.  I mean, you can get some great deals, right?

Yeah, but then they can make you fall in love with something and then BAM it’s GONE! Not cool Costco, not cool!

Anyway, here are my favorite things that I always get from Costco!


I’m so not a protein bar kind of person.  What I am is a candy bar kind of person, and when I just want a candy bar these are my go to.  Robert Irvine Fortifx Fit Crunch Peanut Butter Bars are 6 Smartpoints but you would swear they are as much as a regular candy bar, which is 1,294,089 points.

Make sure you get the right one because there are others that are way higher in points.  Scan your packages people!


I eat these in my yogurt every single day.  I don’t know why, but the Wyman’s of Maine frozen wild blueberries are just better.


Speaking of yogurt, I love love love Fage.  I can tell a difference when I have it compared to other yogurts.  They are not all equal!  It is more expensive than other yogurt, but at Costco you get the container for less than the regular grocery store, and it has about 2 cup servings more. Winning!  It is 3 Smartpoints a cup!  You get so much more than the little flavored yogurt, and you can flavor it however you want!

My favorite recipe:

1 cup Fage Total 0%
2 Tablespoons PBfit or PB2
1/4 cup Old Fashioned Oats
1 Stevia packet
1/2 cup frozen blueberries

PB&J overnight oats for the win!  6 Smartpoints total!


Speaking of deals, it is the best price I’ve been able to find on Premier Protein drinks.  I use this in my coffee instead of creamer, and it is only 2 Smarpoints for 30 grams of protein!


I love PBfit.  I put it in my yogurt and even replace flour with it.  I know some people mix it with water and use it like peanut butter, but that is sacrilegious to me.  If I’m going to have peanut butter, I’m going to budget my points to have the real deal.  PBfit is 1 Smartpoint for 2 tablespoons.


I actually feel deprived if I run out of this vegetable blend and have to replace it with something else.  I use it in my Easy and Fast Veggie Stir Fry recipe, and let me tell you, I eat it A LOT.  It is one of my most favorite things to make and take for lunch.  It keeps me satisfied until dinner every time!


They have individual bags of Skinny Pop.  At 3 Smartpoints a bag it’s a fan favorite for sure.


Any of you that have spend any amount of time on my blog have probably figured out I’m not a huge Salt person.  Salt is very important, but I’d rather taste other flavors rather than just SALT.  When I do use salt, this Himalayan Pink Salt is how I roll.


I kept hearing about this Better Than Bouillon on different cooking sites and decided to try it.  I’ll tell you what, it’s just as good as they say it is and is the only thing I use now.  Costco always has the Chicken base at the one by me, and sporadically have the Beef.  I horde it when they have it in…lol


I love this mix.  I know some people use it to make muffins and the like, but I didn’t find them very appealing.

What is appealing is they make great pancakes   It is 5 Smartpoints a serving, and you get 3 good sized pancakes for that!


This is awesome on Homemade Pizza, breakfast sandwiches, or hell just by itself.  Love these and you get 5 for 1 Smartpoint!


I love these pre-washed potatoes!  The skin is super thin on them and they are 3 Smartpoints for 6 potatoes.  Cook them up with some of that Canadian Bacon and green beans and it’s a delicious meal!

I could probably write about 4 posts with this many things from Costco, and probably will in the future, but these are my absolute go to things that I have to have on hand!

Going_Home_Final_Front SMALLs

Aside from writing this blog, I have a new novel out.  Going Home is a book about second chances, set in a holiday obsessed town.  If you like Hallmark movies, you’ll love this book!

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