A 30 Point Day – Topsy Turvy

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So if you all read my post What Kelly Did you know how I’ve lost 57 and counting pounds.  This is my 30 point day series, where I show you what I’m actually eating 🙂


Breakfast:  Yup, I had pizza for breakfast yesterday 🙂  I woke up early, which I normally get up at 3 am so that tells you how early I got up.  I’m bad at sleeping but I’m working on it.

1 Tumaro Wrap: 1 Smartpoint
1/2 cup 2% Kraft Mozzarella Cheese: 5 Smartpoints
1/4 cup Wildtree Pizza Sauce:  0 Smartpoints
Green Peppers, Onions, Broccoli and Cauliflower: 0 Smartpoints

Breakfast Total:  6 Smartpoints


Lunch:  So my garden is teaming with fresh veggies and they are so delicious!  I eat salads a lot when the fresh produce from my own yard comes in!

3 oz Perdue Simply Smart Grilled Chicken Strips: 1 Smartpoint
2 oz FF Feta Cheese: 2 Smartpoints
2 Tablespoons Bolthouse Farms Ranch Yogurt Dressing:  2 Smarpoints
Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers, Onions: 0 Smartpoints

Lunch Total:  5 Smartpoints


Dinner:  Seasoned Potatoes and Asparagus with Chicken strips made in my air fryer 🙂  I have been asked when I’m going to post air fryer recipes.  Soon, soon.  You see I eat an awful lot of crappy food before I post.  I don’t post until I know it is good and the recipe is tight, so I have to have at least 2 successful attempts before I’ll put the recipe on my blog.

No need for all of us to eat crappy food lol

Seasoned Potatoes:  4 Smartpoints
Asparagus:  1 Smartpoint (it’s probably zero, I just misted with oil by I’m paranoid like that)
Air Fried Chicken Strips:  6 Smartpoints

Dinner Total:  11 Smartpoints

That left me 8 Smartpoints for snacks.  I usually don’t use that many for snacks, and I’d rather eat it at my meal but having the pizza for breakfast made me not so hungry at lunch.  I’m learning all over again about being hungry and eating what my body needs, not what I want.  Here’s the snacks breakdown:

Morning:  Premier Protein Shake (for my coffee):  2 Smartpoints
Afternoon:  Skinny Pop Popcorn:  3 Smartpoints
Evening:  4 Pizzelle Italian Vanilla Waffle Cookies:  3 Smartpoints

So there you have it, another 30 Point day in My 30 Point Life!

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