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There have been a lot of people asking me “what did you do?” or “how did you do that??” since losing over 50 pounds.

Let me tell you it wasn’t easy, there was no magic pill involved.  I had to eat less calories than I was burning.

Sounds easy though, doesn’t it?  We’d all be thin if that was the case.  There’s that thing called life that gets in the way sometimes.

I’ve just come out to the other side of some bad, bad times.  My Grandma died.  my Grandpa died.  My Mom died.  My Dad died.  My cat and dog died.  All in about 4 years time.

What do you do with that much grief and tragedy at once?  You deal with it however you can.  You put one foot in front of the other until one day it doesn’t feel like you are pulling them out of concrete with each step.

Oh, and I seemed to have ate.  I mean I would eat, then I would not eat, but when I did eat, it was not good things.

I knew I needed to do something when this pic was posted on Facebook:


I didn’t realize it had gotten this bad until that moment.  Don’t you hate it when you go out thinking you look all cute and picture slaps you back to reality?  Funny thing about pulling your feet out of concrete.  You are so focused on that you don’t really notice anything else going on around you.

So I decided to do something about it and here are the results so far:


Pretty cool, huh?  Even my feet look smaller.  So far I’ve lost 50.4 pounds and counting (8 more to goal baby!)

I mean I’ve lost the equivalent of these two:


One day I am going to seriously take a during picture where I have my hair and make up done.  For real.

Anyway, oh yeah, so what did I do?

Weight Watchers.

Alright before any eye rolling or Weight Watcher shaming hear me out.  Yeah, it may seem dated.  It isn’t gluten free or carb free or eat only green stuff on Tuesday or whatever fad is going around now.

If those are your deals and they work for you, great!  That’s what it’s really about, finding what works for you.  Finding what helps you eat less than what you expel.

For me, not eating a potato again is not happening.  You will have to take bread out of my cold dead hands before I will give it up.  Those things used to be fine on Weight Watchers.  They still are, but WW has definitely updated their program to realize that not all calories are the same.

So it becomes about balance.  I ate a big honking piece of German Chocolate Cake on my bosses birthday and still lost 2 pounds that week.  How?  I mean sugar is BAD, right?  Well I’ve learned to walk that line, to plan, and how to be able to eat things like German Chocolate Cake and still lose weight.

For me personally this is the way to go.  They also have updated their site and have an amazing App.  Weight Watchers is actually up with the times now, and I think it is a big part of the reason why I’ve been so successful this time around with this weight loss stuff.

So.  The reason for this post:


Like seriously, if someone joins Weight Watchers using my link I go into a drawing to win a vacation and to meet Oprah.

You’ll get $20 in free product and so will I.  You can do meetings, personal coach, or online only.  You can start recommending people to join and get your own chance to meet Oprah.

How cool is that?

So it’s a totally sensible diet that doesn’t tell you YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT, which is what works for me.  If you think it could work for you I can’t say enough good things about how Weight Watchers can change your life.

So that’s my pitch peeps.  If you are doing something different and it works for you?  Awesome!  If you’d like to try something like Weight Watchers?

Check out the program here!

A few points I’d like to make in closing from questions I get asked all the time:

  • No, you don’t buy their food – you eat regular food
  • No, you don’t have to go to meetings the whole program is online too
  • If you go to meetings weigh in is completely private and only you and the person weighing you know your weight
  • Yes there are lots of men that do Weight Watchers now –  in my meetings and online.

Oh, and if you live in Northwest Indiana, I go to the 7:30 am Schererville meeting if you’d like to join me 🙂

If this doesn’t sound like something for you but you still like to see healthy recipes, you can follow my blog by subscribing to the left over there or like my Facebook Page to stay updated.

18 thoughts on “What Kelly Did

  1. Happy for you not easy to loose the weight. Just keep up the good work. You rock. Your a strong woman who can do anything when she sets her mind to it.


    • You inspired me and I rejoined WW today (after a 15 year absence). I used your ink but not sure if it will take since I’m technically not “new.” Going to pore through your IP recipes. Thanks for the kick in the butt I needed to do this, and best wishes as you continue your journey!


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  3. Great work and congrats! Thanks for being an inspiration. You rock! I hope you get to meet Oprah! I’m not sure if a Canadian counts but I’ll try your link!! Have a super day!!


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  5. I lost 15 lbs on WW this year. Now a lifetime member .
    No, I didn’t have much to lose but as I’m aging it creeps on a little easier…..5, 10, etc. I love the program too. I think that I’ll love your blog. Thanks for adding me


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  8. Congratulations you are truly an inspiration! I’m also a WW member and I struggle daily with food ideas and choices. Praying that I’ll have the same success you’ve had!


  9. Great job!! You are right, finding what works is what we must do!
    Though I’m a WW fan and used the program for years, the last change up in the point system did me in. Felt like as soon as I got the points down, the recipes re-configured, they would change it again…not so fond of the constant change. Went through that at least 3 times!! That said, I use the “old” point system and what I have, but that limits my involvement with the “current” online and weekly meetings.
    Hope you get to meet Oprah…that would be the icing on the cake…and with WW you can eat that!!!
    Congrats again!!


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