A 30 Point Day – In the Zone

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So when I first decided I needed to change my life, and it was a decision, I knew I just needed to get a few weeks “in the zone”.  No matter what diet you follow you get those times when you are in the zone – your eating is on point and you feel great.

If I get a few weeks in the zone I am usually good to go – I’m in for the long haul.  Yesterday was definitely an in the zone day and I felt on top of the world.


1 Hard Boiled Egg – 2 Smartpoints
1 Premier Chocolate Protein Shake (for coffee creamer) 2 Smartpoints
1 Overnight Oats – 5 Smartpoints

I was hungry, like really hungry when I woke up so I had a hard boiled egg before I left for work.  You see I leave for work at 3:45 am (it’s terrible, I know) so I usually eat breakfast at work.  On days like this I have learned that my body needs fuel if I am that hungry, so I eat.  I ate my oats once I got to work.  Yeah, I know, I eat those a lot but what works works 🙂

I was satisfied all morning long so I didn’t have a snack.



Opa! Chicken Sandwich – 6 Smartpoints



Cherries – 0 Smartpoints
Light Mozzarella String Cheese – 1 Smartpoint


Fettuccine with Meatballs and Red Sauce – 8 Smartpoints
Salad w/2 Tablespoons Bolthouse Farm Dressing – 2 Smartpoints



Skinny Cow No Sugar Added Ice Cream Sandwich – 4 Smartpoints

I probably could have skipped the ice cream, but I don’t like going under 30 points and it put me at 30 on the nose.  I am picky about my ice cream and that is about the only “low calorie” alternative I can tolerate.  They are actually pretty decent and help satisfy that part of me that LOVES ICE CREAM.




11 thoughts on “A 30 Point Day – In the Zone

  1. 6? That is great! It happens to us all! Sometimes my blog needs to be called my 60 point life instead of my 30 point life…lol As long as you get right back on you’ll be golden!


    • After a 40 pound loss and the a 6 month binge I gained it all back. I hate myself for that but it is what it is. I started back on Wednesday and I’m day 3 of back on track. The journey is on.


  2. I am new to eating overnight oats. Do you have a go to recipe for ? I am trying new foods. I am at a plateau. I have been the same weight over 4 weeks.


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