Fat – The Worst Re-Gift Ever

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Ohhh I see you are losing weight…………………………..Again………

Yeah, that was something I was told by somebody after I had dropped about 20 pounds this go-round.

You get used to being complistomped when you are on the diet wagon.  You know, when you think you are getting complimented but then they turn and stomp on you.  Yeah, I got a post coming up about that soon…

Anyway, so we’ve all gotten a re-gift before, or regifted to someone else.  Re-gifting yourself fat is the worst.

Re-fatted if you will.

The gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving if you let it.

So you decide to get healthy and you kick some major weight-loss butt.  You feel awesome!  Something happens….A major stressful event, you fall off the wagon, you start to feel real good so a few cheat days here or there won’t hurt, or you might just get stuck and discourage and say screw it all.

The weight starts coming back.  Re-fatted.

It might happen slowly at first, but soon enough you realize you are wearing those pants you meant to give to Good Will and none of your old “new” clothes fit.  So you feel bad and like a complete failure which causes you to eat more.

You may even get to the point that you are gifting yourself new fat that you didn’t even have before.

Discouraging is the one word I can think of to use for when this happens, but it doesn’t nearly cover the feelings involved.  I’ve re-fatted 3 times.  3 TIMES.

I gained some after high school and lost and kept it off for my whole 20’s.  Then I gained and lost a bunch in my early 30’s. Then gained and lost it in my mid 30’s.  It took me a long time but I re-fatted slowly from 36 until I went back to Weight Watchers last February.

Oh I went back plenty of times in between 36-46.  They’d have a special and I’d tell myself I needed to get under control.  I’d go step on that scale and just be so disheartened that I had to lose that weight all over again.

So what was different in February?  Oh I had been a WW member for over a year, I just wasn’t doing it.  I remember that feeling, that overwhelming feeling of a monumental task that I had already done before.  The feeling of why bother when I hadn’t been able to get to goal, and I sure as hell wasn’t able to keep it off before.

I sat in that meeting full of self doubt and depreciation.  There was a little, small part of me though that knew I had done it before and I could do it again.

There was just enough in there that I decided right then and there that I would do this for two weeks.  I mean DO IT.  Do Weight Watchers the way that Weight Watchers intended us to do it.

No cheat day, no scale games…Weigh, measure, rinse and repeat.

I had stopped going because I hated the Smartpoint program and was ticked, but once I gave it a chance, once I did it how it was intended, I couldn’t deny how much better I felt.  I couldn’t deny that even though some of my favorite things were super high in points now that I wasn’t hungry and was satisfied.

This goes for any program, not just Weight Watchers.  I think when you get used to a program we tend to start to play games because we may have gotten away with things.

Two weeks.  I believe I lost 10 pounds during that two week time period, and I started to feel so much better.

I should probably formally apologize to anyone that owns stock in TUMS because I’m sure it plummeted after my two week experiment.

You see if I could create a pill, it wouldn’t be a pill that just made you not want to eat or made you lose weight.  I would call it the Re-fat pill, and it would make you feel how you felt before you lost weight.

So at the first signs of slippage you could take that pill and feel those aches and pains, have acid reflux every night – whatever your issues were.  You could live with them for a day and full well remember what it was like.

It is so easy to forget.

So if you’ve lost the weight before and feel all hopeless, I get it, really I do.

Find that little part of you that did it before.  That little voice that knows you can do it again.

Give yourself two weeks.  Two weeks is nothing in the scheme of things, but enough that you will feel the effects of your work.

Realize it.  Own it.  Change it.

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3 thoughts on “Fat – The Worst Re-Gift Ever

  1. This is SO spot on! I am on my 5th or 6th go round… have been at it for almost 6 months… and for some reason it feels as if THIS is the time I will stick with it till goal.


  2. I love your 2 weeks idea. Some of the ladies at my meetings have been doing what they call “boot camps” and are getting back to the basics. I’m losing but it’s coming off slower and slower. Maybe a little 2 week reboot is just what I need. Thanks!


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