A 25 Point Day – On the Nose!

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So I didn’t do a weigh in post this week, but the holiday grand total?

1.8 pound gain.

I will take it considering most folks gain at least 5 during the holidays.

I am curious to see how I will drift back with the new Freestyle program.  I was still losing tiny amounts with the old program, so we’ll see what happens!

Breakfast:  5 Smartpoints



Premier Protein for coffee:  2 Smartpoints

Overnight Oats:  3 Smartpoints

Lunch:  7 Smartpoints



Sandwich Thin:  3 Smartpoints

Ham:  1 Smartpoint

Light Mayo: 1 Smartpoint

2% American Cheese: 0 Smartpoints (only 1 – more is points)

Mom’s Veggie Soup: 3 Smartpoints

Snack an apple and grapes – 0 Smartpoints

Dinner:  11 Smartpoints


Oh yeah Pizza!

So I had two:

Joseph’s Pita: 2 for 2 Smartpoints

1 Cup Sargento’s Reduced Fat Mozzarella Cheese 9 Smartpoints

My own sauce: 0 Smartpoints

Tons of veggies:  0 Smartpoints

Snack: 2 Smartpoints


Enlightened Broad Beans Sriracha (my personal fav): 2 Smartpoints

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