A 25 Point Day – On the Nose!

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So I didn’t do a weigh in post this week, but the holiday grand total?

1.8 pound gain.

I will take it considering most folks gain at least 5 during the holidays.

I am curious to see how I will drift back with the new Freestyle program.  I was still losing tiny amounts with the old program, so we’ll see what happens!

Breakfast:  5 Smartpoints


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Weigh In 11-4-17: Vacation Aftershock!

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So I know this is a bit late.  I’ve had a hard time catching back up with life after I got back from vacation, not leaving a lot of time for my blog.

The verdict is:  I gained 2 pounds while on vacation, leaving me 3 pounds under goal.

I am ecstatic with these results.

I tracked everything while I was on vacation.  Well, I did the best I could for sure.  There were somethings that were a big guessing game, but the point was I didn’t want to get out of the habit of tracking just because I was on vacation.

The decision was made that I might gain.  I knew there were things I would eat (and drink) that I normally wouldn’t or couldn’t.

Like a delicious marshmallow Sprinkles cupcake.

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One Pot Meal – Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

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Sometimes you just need a little comfort.  That comfort can cost you in the waist line big time.  This is one of my favorite comfort meals, and it is so healthy!

I also make it with only one appliance .  My Instant Pot.  I’m always surprised by the lack of activity on the Weight Watchers social media platform Connect about the Instant Pot.  It is such a great tool and is probably one of the most important tools in my weight loss arsenal.

I always recommend reading a recipe first before even attempting it, but you really want to make sure you do that with this one.  This recipe makes 4 servings, but you could double it and not make the mini loaves.  I’ve never done it so I’m not sure on the timing, but I think your potatoes and carrots would be over done because you would need to lengthen the cooking time, and the carrots come out pretty soft as it is.

I like them that way, so be warned if you don’t!

This recipe will yield two mini loaves, 4 cups of mashed potatoes, and 4 – 4 oz servings of carrots.

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Food Find – Werther’s Original

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So it’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth.  More like Teeth, like all of them are sweet.

Those sugar cravings are way less now, almost non-existent.  One of my secrets to staying on track is having these Werther’s Original Caramel Coffee sugar free candies on hand.

You get five of these babies for one Smartpoint!  One!

I try not to make it a habit, but when I’m having a really hard day these help big time.  It takes a long time to eat five of these, so I’ll spread them out through the day and have one whenever I’m really getting a craving for something that is outside my point range that day.

You Never Get Over It

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I’ve had a pretty rough decade. The 2010’s have not been kind to me.  I lost my Grandparents and Parents, all right in a row, every year or so.

My Mom passed in 2012, and yesterday was the 5th anniversary of her passing.  I heard a lot of “it gets easier as time goes by” from friends and family, but one friend of mine was honest.

I remember it clear as day, like it was yesterday.  It was at a 4th of July party, and my friend had lost her Mother the year before.  People were asking me how are you doing, it’ll get better, yadda yadda yadda.  My friend took me to the side and told me something I will never forget:

“You never get over it.  It doesn’t get better, you just learn to live with it.”

Brutal, for sure, but right.  You don’t get over not having a  Mom.  Ever.

What does happen is you learn a new normal – a different way of life.  It’s always there, lurking behind a song or a smell or when you see someone who looks like her – the grief – and it can pop up so unexpectedly that it takes your breath away and fills your eyes with tears before you know it.

Months have went by without an incident like this, but it is always there, waiting to come out.

You do the only thing you can do, you learn to live with it.

This systematic smack-down is a lot like my weight loss efforts.  I know I’ve said I’ve done Weight Watchers in the past and was successful.  I never got to goal though.  Close, but never goal.

The main reason why is because I think I’ve gotten over it.  I know what I’m doing, I don’t need to pay Weight Watchers.  I got this.

Only I didn’t obviously.  Yes, I’ve never returned to my highest starting weight, but I managed to pack on 40 pounds over the last decade.

I need to be brutally honest like my friend was to me five years ago.  I’m not going to get over it.  I need this, because I can’t do it by myself.  There will be times that I’ll get overwhelmed and stumble – plenty of times – but I have to learn to live with it.  I have to live with the fact that I need to do this, I need this program, and I probably always will if I want to be healthy.




Weigh In 4/29 – Oprah is an A-Hole

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So I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here but I had a year long tantrum over the change in the way that Weight Watchers calculates points.  Here comes Oprah Winfrey and suddenly coconut oil was 7 of these Smartpoints instead of 3.  Oh I was so mad that a lot of my staples had now become high point items, and when people would ask me how Weight Watchers was going I would say, “Not good because Oprah is an A-Hole.”

I’m usually awesome with change – in fact unlike most people in the universe I LOVE it.  It’s exciting to shake things up, learn something new – just don’t mess with my food and something that is working for me.

Now I realize that Oprah probably didn’t get involved with Weight Watchers just to change the entire plan.   I love Oprah, always have, but she was the easiest fall guy for what in my mind was the absolute destruction of Weight Watchers.  I think I tried it for like a week, got mad, and stopped logging in and going to meetings.

I’ve always had a problem with things like Atkins and low carb.  Hey, if it works for you great, but that is not something I would be able to sustain.  With the changes to the program that seemed to revolve around protein it seemed to me that was heading in that direction, and I did not like it.  Not. One. Bit.

So I wasn’t logging my food, and I wasn’t going to meetings, but I was still paying Weight Watchers.  Some may think that foolish, but I just knew I couldn’t close my account.  This is not my first rodeo with WW.  This isn’t even my third rodeo with WW.  I know what happens when I totally quit.

My tantrum seemed to subside somewhere around this Christmas, when I knew I had to do something or I would gain back all the weight I had already lost.  I’ve beat the odds and not been one of those people that gained back all their lbs + some friends when I stop doing a diet program.  In fact, I’ve never gotten back to my original high starting weight from 2002.  Weight Watchers definitely taught me a better way to eat, but getting to that goal has been like finding a unicorn for me.

I bit the bullet and went back to meetings in February like I was a brand new member.  I was still 10 pounds down from before my tantrum, and I kept it.  Telling myself I would give it two weeks of really, really trying I went in head on and totally on plan.

Really it wasn’t as bad as I had built it in my mind, and I begrudgingly had to admit that a lot of the changes were for the better.  Once I got my groove I had no problem following the plan and have never been hungry.  It seems really, really easy this time – something that has never happened to me before because chocolate.

So at weigh in this week I am down 37 pounds.  I am 22 pounds from my goal weight.  I’ve been closer before, but that is another blog post entirely.

22 more.  I’m going to do it this time, and Oprah, if you can hear me, I’m sorry I called you an A-Hole.  A lot.


Tales of a serial Weight Watcher

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Oh yes, I have done Weight Watcher’s several times.

I’ve lost a lot of weight.

I’ve gained back a lot of weight (but not all!).

I love to eat good food.  I cannot survive on protein bars and radishes.  I need to EAT.

Good food doesn’t have to be bad, and Weight Watchers now has a limit where you can only get down to 30 points, hence my website name.

My 30 point life.  Here we go.