Challenge Day One

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So….Here we go. Now if you didn’t see my post from yesterday until today or tomorrow feel free to jump right in the challenge whenever you want!

Tracked everything?  Check

Exercise? Check


I had my normal breakfast of yogurt, pb2 and blueberries, but this time I did something I haven’t done since the advent of Freestyle.  I measured it.  Before I always had a cup of yogurt.  Once it was “free” I figured I’d just guess, and after measuring again after so long I realized that my portions are WAY out of control.

This inspired me to weigh my chicken for my salad I ate for lunch, and I was eating way more than the 4 ounces I used to eat.

Now I know Freestyle is supposed to free us up a bit, but I have to be honest – if portion control were my thing I never would have had to go to weight watchers in the first place.

So even if things are free, I’m still going to weigh or measure.  I was never hungry PF – Pre-Freestyle.  I felt awesome, and my weight seemed to plateau out about five pounds under goal.

I had my pizza I make with Joseph’s pita bread for dinner (1 point a pita!) and if you learn anything from this post know this:  Cauliflower is freakin’ awesome on Pizza!  Try it!

How’d you all do?

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5 thoughts on “Challenge Day One

  1. Day 1 didn’t go as well as I hoped, and I realize hoping is not a strategy. I had too many snacks and I didn’t pay attention to my portions until after they were eaten. I did get out for a 30 min walk which helped a little. Tomorrow I’ll stop before I eat to make sure the portions are appropriate.


  2. Hi Kelly! Glad to see you back! 🙂 I have been working on getting back on track doing WW with a twist. I do WW Whole30 and it has helped me move the scale a little in the right direction. Not eating anything with any type of sugar (except fruit) helps as I am an addict of it. My problem is tracking as well. It does seem like a waste of time to track 0 point foods, which I eat a lot of. I need to start weighing and measuring. I do not care much for the new WW program because like you, I cannot control my eating and the Freestyle throws me for a loop. Yesterday I managed to get to Spin so I got my exercise in, but unfortunately the Fitbit Challenge was full before I could register to join. Oh well, maybe next week!
    Good luck! I will be following along!


  3. I’m up here with my grandkids… haven’t been here in 7 months. So it’s a bit challenging but thankfully my daughter-in-law has all healthy food and my choices are a little better… I really need a kick!


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