Challenge Day 2 – You Gotta Have A Plan

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How does that saying go?  Fail to plan and you plan to fail?  It is so very true.

I was extremely good at planning my meals for the week for the first year I was on Weight Watchers.  Every single Sunday, whether I worked or not, I had at least 3 lunches and breakfasts prepared for the week.  My Sunday dinner would be enough that I could have left overs at least one day, usually more.

It makes staying on track so much easier when you have that plan, so this Sunday, when I thought about how my week was going to go I decided to do salads for lunch, which is one of my favorites and extremely low in points now that chicken is free.  If you have the right containers they are also super easy to prep, and you can have your lunches done for the week in 20 minutes.  I have those cups you can get at restaurant supply stores so that my dressing is measured out for me.  Easy.

Screenshot_20180731-171042_WW Mobile

One of the reasons I’m doing salad for lunch is because I already know that I’m going out Friday, so I’m saving all my extra Smartpoints for that.  Yes, I’ve always ate them.  I probably could have dropped my weight faster if I didn’t, but this wasn’t about fast for me this time.  It was about lasting.

Another part of the plan was I knew I would be very busy at work in the morning today, so I actually had tuna salad.  It doesn’t sound like the most appetizing thing in the world, but when I know I’m not going to get a chance to eat before lunch I do this because it really sticks with me.

If I’m starving at lunch things can go awry rather quickly.  Best to avoid that if possible.

For dinner I had one of my favorite ways to eat a chicken breast that is so easy.  Basically you  dust the chicken breast with garlic powder and pepper.  Next I put a table spoon of basil pesto (it costs you 3 points but is so worth it), then tomato slices.  I cook it until done at 350 (times will vary based on the size of your chicken breast) and once it’s done I put 1/4 cup 2% mozzarella cheese and pop it back in the oven until it melts.

It is so flavorful and delicious, and very filling.  One of the things I noticed  was I would make this with big honking chicken breasts and just eat half.  Once I wasn’t counting chicken anymore I found myself eating it all and being completely stuffed.

This time around I used organic chicken breasts so they weren’t super bloated, and now neither am I!

What do you do to plan your week?  How did your day go?

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Day 2 – You Gotta Have A Plan

  1. Today was a little better for me. I’m still eating too many snacks in the afternoon – not because I’m hungry, just because – I gotta get a handle on that! I did really well with portion size during meals – for lunch I had Lean Cuisine Sweet BBQ Chicken dinner (280 cal) and some crackers for crunch. At dinner I ordered a kids meal at the restaurant – it was satisfying and didn’t leave me stuffed. I’ll count today as a win.


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