Challenge Day 10 – Eating to the Oldies

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When you first start a diet plan, whether it be Weight Watchers or some other deal you will find some favorite things that help keep you on track.

Chances are you will eat and eat and eat them until you get sick of them or find something else that you eat and eat and eat until the next thing comes along.  We forget about some of those favorites, and this challenge has had me revisiting some of my old tracker entries.

There are a lot of things that I ate while I was losing that I either forgot about or replaced with higher point items because I get more food now that I don’t want to lose.  The problem comes in when you keep replacing and stop watching.

Tonight I had one of my absolute favorites from when I was losing, but I ate it way to much and got completely sick of it.  When I stumbled across the recipe on my blog I thought it sounded good, and it was just as good as I remembered it.


I forgot just how good my turkey meatballs are.  At one Smartpoint a meatball (I use regular ground turkey now instead of the fat free.  They are two for one Smartpoint if you use the Jennie O like the recipe says)

I’ve also brought back some of my favorite snacks like my sugar free skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and cape cod reduced fat chips. I really did forget how much I enjoyed some of these things, and am looking forward to bringing back even more of my favorites.  Thankfully I have this blog so it’s a walk down memory lane!

Speaking of blogs, if you are having a hard time staying on trac have you ever thought of starting one?  There are plenty of places like where you can make one for free.  You don’t have to let it all hang out, but maybe just typing out what you feel could help!  Think about it – you could remain anonymous if you wanted to, and I know it was definitely a big help in getting my butt to goal.

You might even help someone else along the way.  Win, win!

How was everyone’s day today?


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