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Yeah…It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Looking back through the posts here I see the last time I connected was to post a new recipe, and before that to lament the fact that I’d gained five pounds back.

Oh how I wish it was just five pounds now.  Through that challenge I posted I lost them and thought I was back on track.

Think again.

I haven’t been to a meeting since September.  Not because I gained weight or any of my old excuses, but because of time.  My life has been turned upside down by work, and self care has been an unfortunate victim.

I miss my meetings.  I say over and over again to people that ask me for advice on weight loss you have to find what works for you.  Weight Watcher meetins, or WW Workshops, or whatever the hell they are called work for me.  Eating low carb may work for you.  Eating fish on Monday and howling at the moon on Friday may work for you.  I don’t judge.  Find what works and do it.

To give a little perspective, last week I worked 90 hours.  Like two full time jobs plus a part time job in one week.  It has been that way since March.  Maybe not that bad, but at least averaging out around 70 hours per week.

You are probably thinking that I’m crazy.  Well yes, but that’s beside the point.  I don’t have a choice in this right now, and as the hours piled up my new healthy habits that I’ve been following for 2 + years now slowly disintegrated.  It is insane how fast those habits that felt so natural fall to the way side the minute life gets in the way.

Fortunately for me not all of those good habits are gone, but in a lot of ways I feel like I’m starting over.  If they were all done I know I’d have gained back much more than I did.  I’m hopeful my schedule is going to let up soon, and I’ll be able to get back to my life.

The worst habit to return?  Eating out.  For me, and I’d assume most eating out, drive thrus and the like sabotage our best intentions to be healthy more than anything else.  It wasn’t until acid reflux, my enemy that plagued me night after night “before” returned for a two night stint.

That woke me up.  When I was younger losing weight was about how I looked and what clothes I could wear.  As I’ve aged it became about my overall health, and I truly believe that’s why I actually did it this time.  I like being able to sleep uninterrupted every night.  I like being able to run up a flight of stairs without people asking “What’s that noise?” because my knee made the worst noises.

I’m not going back.  Nope.

So what’t the damage?

While I haven’t gained a bunch back, I’ve gained enough.  That five pounds I lost were found again plus ten friends.  Fifteen pounds.  In like 2 1/2 months.  Seriously?

When I write I try to put on my “before” hat.  “Before” I made goal I would be doing the world’s biggest eye roll at someone who reached a healthy weight and gained back a measly fifteen pounds.  That was before I learned exactly how hard it is to lose those last fifteen pounds.

Back to tracking I go.  Back to getting my 10,000 steps a day and 30 minutes of continuous activity.  Back to eating three healthy meals a day and not one great big one before I tumble into bed.

I’m back at it.  The struggle never ends.

Going_Home_Final_Front SMALLs

Aside from writing this blog, I have a new novel out.  Going Home is a book about second chances, set in a holiday obsessed town.  If you like Hallmark movies, you’ll love this book!

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  1. Been where you are more than once, to Lifetime twice last in 2016, original loss 90, now up about 30, and you are so right about the last 15, 10 or whatever. I just get tired of thinking about every bite I put in my mouth, that’s how it works for me, but it gets old. To be blunt, why do you have to work so much? Do you need a different job? I certainly don’t know your situation, but I’m wondering when you have any relaxation/fun. Best of luck and keep posting!


  2. Hi Kelly, ugh sounds like your schedule has been brutal! No wonder you’ve gotten away from your habits – you’re just trying to survive! I too have let the pounds come back on but not because of any crazy work schedule – I just allowed myself to slowly wander away from my good habits. But – no more! I re-joined WW 2 weeks ago and like you I NEED the weekly meeting/workshop to help me stay accountable. I hope you get a break at work soon and I’ll be following along with your renewed journey 🙂


      • I like it, it doesn’t feel much different from the ‘meeting’ format ;-p The most important part for me is the accountability. Not sure if you’re familiar with Gretchen Ruben and her Four Tendencies but I’m clearly an Obliger which means I need external accountability to be successful 😉


  3. Hi Kelly -I know exactly what you mean. I have a new job, working on Saturdays which was my workshop day. Work 46 hours weekly -get off too late to attend during week-need to lose 15 to get back to lifetime😑Not motivated to exercise . Hopefully we can both get back on track soon!


  4. Hi Kelly – love your article! You were writing my story. I’ve been off stomach meds that I had taken for 40 years, and if I “cheat” and overeat sweets, I pay the price. I love sleeping, so I don’t want anything to interfere with that, especially acid reflux! Eating out at restaurants has turned into a huge challenge for me, so I understand the self-sabotage. I’m learning to plan, take action (i.e. MOVE) and not beat myself up. Keep going…!


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