When the Impossible Becomes Possible

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I don’t think I ever truly believed I could reach a healthy weight until that day back in 2017 when I stepped on the scale and it actually happened.

Sure, I would tell myself that I was going to do it, I always did.  I lost a significant amoutn of weight a couple of times, but I would always regain some of it.  Back in the day I remember being in the bathroom at work and a couple of women walked in.

One of them said, “Have you seen how much weight Kelly has lost?”

The other replied, “Yeah, should we take bets on how fast she gains it back?  She’s like Oprah.”

That was 2002 y’all.  2002 and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

I’d like to say that I stormed out of the bathroom and told them exactly what I thought of them, but I didn’t.  Most that know me would expect that, hell I’d expect that of myself.

But I didn’t.  I sat there in shock.

Weaving it’s way through my brain the negativity from these women wormed it’s way into a place where all the other negativity we women get pounded with on a daily basis goes.

And it stayed there. Seventeen years later and that conversation feels like yesterday.

Isn’t it sad that most of us are probably told good things over our lifetime and we smile and say thank you, never to think of them again.  Then we hear something like this and it’s on instant recall the rest of our lives.

If that isn’t the definition of messed up I don’t know what is.

Side note:  We women need to stop this crap.  These two women didn’t mean to do this to me, but they still did.  How many of us have said things like this and would be mortified if the person found out?  I know I’m guilty, but not anymore.

Memories like that over the years just add to why I thought this was all impossible.  It wasn’t until I stepped on that scale two years ago and actually weighed a healthy weight that I believed it.  I needed to see it with my own two eyes.

A lot of things happened on my way to being a believer.  The biggest revelation happened in my math geek post here.  Losing weight is a very emotional experience with tons of ups and downs.  Once I began looking at things logically it just clicked.

That’s my number one piece of advice for people – find what clicks.

You are then faced with the dreaded now what?  Now what do you do?  After months, even years for some it’s “over”.

This was not my first rodeo in the weight loss battle, and it won’t be my last as it will be a constant battle for the rest of my life.  That’s hard to admit, but it’s the truth.  It is never over.

That milestone was over though.  The excitement wears off and you start to realize something.  You did the impossible.  After years of people like women in the bathroom, society, and even family members telling you it would never happen you did it.

That brain worm starts slithering again and you start to wonder what else you could do if you really set your mind to it.

I mean, you’ve Done. The. Impossible.

I’ve always loved reading and writing.  I used to make up my own stories all the time when I was small.  I wrote for a magazine, and had a very popular blog back before people knew what blogs could be.  Promptly ending when someone found it at work, I didn’t write much after that.

Until this blog.

I decided I wanted to fly by the seat of my pants.  I wanted to document my recipes and trials and tribulations like I was talking to a friend.

Because of that I rarely go back and edit, don’t really worry about “the rules” of writing, and just write like you all are sitting in my living room.  It’s been everything I wanted it to be, and I’m still blown away by the stats this blog gets, even when it is neglected because of work or life in general.

But what if I went back to writing professionally……

Once I started this blog my creative juices were stirred.  I began to think of a fictitious place, the kind I’d like to visit.

A small, holiday-obsessed town surrounded by mountains – and family secrets – is what I envisioned.

Then I started writing – not this kind of writing but using my education and editors and cover designers – an actual book.

Going Home, the first book in The Snow Globe Cafe was born.

The impossible became impossible again.

Going_Home_Final_Front SMALLs

Here’s what it’s about:

When Becca Jones is called back to her hometown of Snow Valley following the death of her estranged mother, she plans to settle affairs and retrieve a family heirloom in record time. She can only hope to encounter as few people as possible and protect the secret she took with her more than twenty-five years ago—her beautiful and successful daughter, Sugar Jones.

Born into one of the town’s founding families, Eric Larsson was never given a choice when it came to the life he would lead, including whom he would marry. And despite having loved Becca Jones since childhood, he had been coerced into a loveless marriage and was forced to let Becca go on the night of her beloved father’s funeral.

Word travels fast in the small town, and Becca is soon confronted by the man she’s loved since she was eight years old. Eric reveals the darkest truths of his former marriage, and just as the two begin to consider a new future, an angry Sugar Jones comes to town demanding answers.

Going Home is a story of worlds colliding, well-kept secrets, and the promise of lives forever changed.

If you like Hallmark movie channel movies I believe you’ll like this 🙂

Want to check it out?  The ebook is available here and the paperback is available here.  I truly appreciate every ounce of support I get from each and every one of you!

The impossible is possible.  What would you like to do that you never dreamed possible?

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8 thoughts on “When the Impossible Becomes Possible

  1. Congratulations Kelly!! I’ve ‘re-started’ my WW journey and it can sometimes still feel impossible when the scale just won’t budge but I’m not going to quit. I look forward to reading your book and the many more to follow 🙂


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