Lucky Me

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I believe I’ve said before on here how getting and maintaining your goal weight does more than just improve your health and your self confidence.

All of a sudden you start realizing things you might have thought were impossible are now not do daunting. You kind of get your excuses taken away, and after a year of maintaining I wrote my first novel. Then I wrote my second novel. My third novel is at the editor right now. It’s amazing what can happen when you take the impossible away.

So now they have a new program that’s super cool. You write in “episodes”. I think for people that may not think they have time to read a book this is perfect!

My story on Vella is called Lucky Me. I have four episodes up right now, and you can read them all for free 🙂

The first three are free to read, and after that you use tokens. The good thing is Vella is giving everyone 200 tokens to start!

If you do check out my story, please leave a like (click the thumbs up at the end) after each episode and follow my story. It would really be helping me a lot!

Thanks again for all your support. I wouldn’t be anywhere near who I am today without all of you!

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