Weigh in 9-9-17 Liftetime #4 Game Changer

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So this whole maintenance stuff has been harder than I thought it would be.

I lost more weight, half a pound.  Honestly I am eating 36 points a day and all my weekly points.

I’m eating a lot, or at least it feels like I am.  If you are currently in the weight loss portion of the program you probably want to smack me or beat me up in the parking lot.

Hell I want to smack me or beat me up in the parking lot.

This site has very interesting information about weight loss.  In a nutshell, say you want to weigh 150 pounds.  You need to eat an average of 1,800 calories a day to maintain that weight.  Most people would highly restrict their calories to lose weight if they weighed like 200 pounds.

But – If they just ate 1,800 calories a day they would naturally go down to that weight.  Yeah, it may not be Biggest Loser impressive but would probably be a lot more easy to maintain.

I think the Smartpoints version of Weight Watchers gets this.  The fact that no one ever gets less than 30 Smartpoints was a brilliant move.  I mean I remember back in the day when you would get close to goal you only got like 18 points a day and were basically starving all the time.

I’ve never been hungry this time.  Well I was one time in 6 months, and that was because I saved my points for a big celebration.  I lost weight A LOT faster on other versions of WW, but I could never get to the end.  This time I did.

The fact that I’m still losing and eating very well and balanced and not starving myself tells me that maybe I naturally will be a little smaller than the top of my weight range.  This was freaking me out because to make lifetime with Weight Watchers you have basically a 4 pound weight range you have to be in.  Two pounds above or two pounds below your goal weight at the end of the 6 weeks.

Once you get lifetime you can go smaller if you want, but you have to be in that range to reach lifetime first.

I’m currently 3 pounds below my goal, and I was about to do something like put a roll of quarters in my pocket or wear my shoes on the scale to make up for it.

I stopped myself though, because I made a deal with myself from the start that has served me well:  No games with the scale this time.

So I decided to face the music and be TO SMALL? for Weight Watchers.  I stepped on the scale almost cringing and the receptionist was just like “Oh you lost .6.  Good job!”

Wait, what?

So I’m all “I’ve lost a pound to much!”

And she’s all “Oh we don’t have to stay within 2 pounds on the bottom.  As long as you are in a healthy range you’re fine now.”

Game Changer.  For real.

Now I’m faced with the decision of what my set point is going to be.  Do I keep eating the way I am and see where I end up?  Do I eat more to try and stay the same even though I am not hungry and am very satisfied with the points I have right now?

Eating more than I should is what got me 63 pounds heavier, so I think I’m going to stick with the plan I have now and see what happens.  I can always adjust, right?

I’m not writing this post to be all “oh poor me I can’t stop losing weight.”  I’m writing it for all of you that feel frustrated right now because you might not be dropping weight like you did in the past with Weight Watchers.

The way I see it, it’s a very good thing.  I think now more than ever WW is teaching us a lifestyle change, something we really can do the rest of our lives.

I mean wouldn’t you rather lose slow and be able to keep it off forever than to lose it quick and gain it back with some friends a little down the line.  Don’t get frustrated, keep on plugging through and then you can tell me how hard it is not to lose weight some day.  I promise.

That’s the real game changer.

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Weigh In 9-2-17 Lifetime #3

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So this is what losing 62 pounds looks like on a 5’8″ woman.  It’s funny because most days I don’t feel like I look any different than before.  Then I see pictures like this side by side and think “holy crap”.

I mean how can you look this different but not see it yourself until you see your former self next to your new self.

That’s kind of messed up.  I’ll need to think on that one a bit….

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Weigh In 8-23-17 Lifetime #2

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So I’m in the middle of a long stretch of working every. single. day.

I knew I wouldn’t get to my Saturday meeting this week, so I went a few days early and at night.

Considering how I backslid into old bad habits last week I am pretty damn proud of myself for not just skipping.  I mean weighing early?  And at NIGHT?  I knew I was almost guaranteed a gain, but I knew it wouldn’t kill me, that I would live to see another day if my Weight Watcher record wasn’t perfect.

I was full well expecting at least a two pound gain.  My normal weigh in is first thing in the morning on Saturdays, so weighing at night would put me at least a few pounds heavier.

Nope.  I did gain .2 though.  So I probably lost weight, which I’m not supposed to do either.  I’m telling you people, this lifetime stuff is not for the weak.  I’ll just keep on keepin’ on!

I did had what we like to call in the Weight Watcher world a NSV, or Non-Scale Victory this week.  Have you ever been in the position where someone needs to know your size, and you really don’t want to say it?

That was me a few years ago.  I had to go into an area at work where you need coveralls so that you don’t cause cross contamination.  I remember the guy didn’t ask, he just handed over some 3X coveralls and mumbled something about me being tall.  I don’t know who was more embarrassed, him or I.

Flash forward to this week when I had to get some new ones.  They are a medium, and they are big on me!


Don’t mind the no make-up and hair that was in a hair net and I was in like 120 degree heat for 3 hours.  I was DAMN happy despite all of that.

I mean in the scheme of things something like our size should not cause embarrassment.  It is just some people are bigger than others.  It would be a beautiful world if this was true, but we all know it’s not.

Perhaps one day.

Weigh In 8-19-17: Lifetime WI #1

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So….This staying the same weight is a bit harder than I expected.

Even after my Weigh In 8-12-17: What Kelly Learned post you’d think I just have it all together, right?


I have to admit to you all that I fell into some bad habits last week.  It is scary how fast I turned to them.

You see, I talked about how that scale is a tool that sometimes doesn’t tell the truth – that you can’t be to hung up on it.

So when I checked my weight Thursday and I was up 3 pounds….THREE POUNDS…I freaked out.

Now did I think about how I had super salty food for lunch that day and how I know I’m sensitive to salt?  Nope.

I freaked.

I mean I went from 30 points to 36 for maintenance.  At 30 points I was losing an average of 2 pounds per week.  Mathematically it was impossible for 6 extra points a day to cause me to gain 3 pounds.

Yes, logically I should have shrugged it off and thought if the water weight didn’t fall off by weigh in it would have fell off by the next week.

But I wasn’t logical.  I was irrational, and ate very little Friday, following the old Kelly plan.  I drank and drank water.

I weighed in at exactly the same, which yay?


I was a slave to that scale, I didn’t think rationally, and I didn’t behave properly.

But I own it. I did it, it’s over, and I’m moving on.

In a lot of ways the Weight Watcher program is meant for people like me….People that like to win. It is a double edged sword though, because it can bite you in the butt when you are not winning.

All or nothing.

Now I really realize that I have much work to do, and I’m willing to do it.


Weigh In 8-12-17: What Kelly Learned

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I did it.

I reached my goal.

I am now at a healthy weight.


I need to shop for clothes that fit me right…lol

I’m still in shock.  I don’t want to lose weight.  I mean I was probably like a little kid the last time I thought that, and I’m 46 years old now.

I didn’t spend my whole adult life as big as the posted picture, but I did for the last couple of years.  I had always battled my weight though, and probably spent most of my twenties around the weight I am now +5 or 10, and then packed on 20 or so pounds in my 30’s and then 30 or 40 pounds in my 40’s.

I figure now is a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned and why I was successful.

All About the Math

No matter what diet you follow – and I don’t mean diet as in losing weight I mean diet as in what we consume is called a diet – It will eventually come down to calories put into your body vs. calories you burn.

Yeah, some calories will keep you full longer, some have more nutritional value, and some might make you bloat up like a balloon but there is one thing for sure:

Math. Don’t. Lie.

The way that you control that number is a very personal thing.  You have to find the right help, and you best make sure it’s something you can live with for sure, because if you just go back to your own habits the minute you get close to where you want to go, you’re toast.

Speaking of Numbers…

I’ve learned to not dread the scale.  Far to many people. myself included, have used that little contraption to judge their self worth.  It is simply a tool to gauge your progress, and sometimes it’s a stubborn little bitch that doesn’t give us what we want.  Hell sometimes it doesn’t give us what we deserve.

A salty dinner, hormones, a full moon….So many things factor into what we weigh.  I had weeks where I stayed the same even though my nutrition and exercise were on point.  Then I’d stay the same the next week.  Then I’d lose 6 pounds the third week.  It will eventually show up, because as I said before….

Math. Don’t. Lie.

While the scale isn’t exactly my best friend, I have learned to appreciate it as a valuable (if sometimes unreliable) tool in my quest to become healthy.

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Weigh In 8-7-17 – It’s Not Me It’s You

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So I’m done with my temper tantrum from last week and was down a pound.  That means one more to go!  It’s still just weird to think about not thinking about losing weight.

I mean I’ll always have to be mindful of what I’m putting in my mouth and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will always need to track my food unless I want to go back up 70+ pounds.  Yes as the title in my blog states I am a serial Weight Watcher and if you go from my very first (and highest) weight with Weight Watchers I’ve lost 79 pounds.

You do what works and that’s what works for me.

It’s funny when you lose a lot of weight.  You get a lot of compliments of course and there are also a lot of things that can derail you if you let them.

When you are overweight you get treated a lot differently than when you are not.  You are almost invisible when you are an overweight woman (and maybe man, sorry guys I can’t speak for you), and when all of a sudden you are not it can make you almost uncomfortable or have negative thoughts.

Like the other day – I was at the gas station and this young man jogged past me to open the door for me.  It was a very nice gesture and I said thank you, but those thoughts entered my mind – he wouldn’t have done that 60 pounds ago.

This particular person very well could have, but in my experience that’s not the case.  You can let things like that bother you, or you can just accept the nice gesture.

Having those thoughts or negative feelings will not change the way people are treated one way or the other.  I had a revelation a few months ago, and it has totally changed the way I think of myself, other women, and how we treat each other.

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Weigh in 7-29-17 – Oh Bloody Hell

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I was angry, oh yes, ANGRY.

You see I thought I was two pounds from my goal weight.  Well, 2.6 pounds.  I thought I might have it.  I thought when I stepped on that scale I might hear them shout goal and confetti would come out of the sky and Oprah would give me the keys to a new car.

Well of course that wouldn’t all happen but I would have made goal.

Did I ever tell you I’m a goal oriented type of person.  I like to ACHIEVE, which is probably why Weight Watchers works so well for me.

Anyway, so I’m about to get on the scale and I tell the receptionist that I think I might have it or will only be a few tenths away and she asks how tall I am and it turns out the last receptionist figured out my goal weight wrong and I’m really 3.6 pounds away.  Phew.

Say what?

I know, I know….I’m doing this for my health blah flippin’ blah.

So what’s one pound, right?  It’s nothing in the scheme of things, and I’m angry at myself for being angry.

I still got angry in spite of myself.  So I have to lose 2 more pounds instead of 1 pound to get to goal.  Big deal, right?

Well Weight Watchers may be all “BEYOND THE SCALE” now but guess what….That scale is still there and it still dictates when you are at goal and when you are at lifetime.

I want to be at freakin’ goal and I will get to freakin’ goal.

It’s just going to take me an extra week or two.  Let me tell you, when you get to the bottom of the barrel weight wise it is not that easy.

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Weigh In 7-22-17 – All the Feels

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So I thought I had a tumor but it turns out it was a bone I haven’t felt in 15 years.  How was your week?

Oh, and I lost 2 more pounds.  After that 3 pound lost last week I thought for sure I’d have a very small one this week.

I. Am. Only. 2.6 Pounds. From. Goal.

I will then try not to lose weight.  What? 

If I try and remember a time when I wasn’t at least thinking about my weight I’d have to go back to when I was 10 years old.  I was a horrible sleeper and my parents finally gave up trying to make me stay in bed, so I’d get up and watch TV in the middle of the night at least a couple times a week.

There was an infomercial on and they were talking about back fat.  I vividly remember reaching around and thinking that I might have that!  And it was Bad!  I was in 4th grade and weighed 69 pounds.  I remember that for obvious reasons.

Seriously in the 80’s kids new what that number meant and it being announced in front of everyone will scar you for life.  I wonder if they still do that to kids?

I think the average 10 year old is supposed to weigh like 75 pounds, so yeah, I didn’t have an inch of fat on me.

So most of my life I’ve thought about my weight or losing weight.  In the culture we live in I’m guessing that is the case for most females, if not males.  Do you all have similar experiences?

It feels weird to think about it, that I will be at the weight I want to be at.  It almost feels uncomfortable.

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it I suppose.  Now I’m just going to power on to rid myself of those last 2.6 pounds.  I am expecting a stand still soon here, and that’s okay.  My body likes it’s fat and tends to hold on for a week or two before giving it up.  Two big losses like that in a row is a small miracle.

Oh, and I’ve received a ton of support from the Instant Pot Community on Facebook.  I received a ton of messages asking if I knew of a healthy recipe pressure cooker community.  I didn’t so I started one.  Please join if you are interested in healthy recipes for your pressure cooker!

Click here to join my new group!

Also I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that people really like my A Day in the Life – 30 Point Day, so I’m going to try and post a 30 point day each week.

Have a great week everyone!

Weigh In 7-15-17: I’m one of THOSE People

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So I got to weigh in this week despite my 2 week long no break from work.  I lost 3 pounds!

This puts me to the point in my weight loss that I only have to lose 5.4 pounds to be at a “healthy” weight.  Like not obese, not overweight, but HEALTHY.

This is my goal.  Sure I could probably lose a few vanity pounds after that, but I’m not to much worried about that.  This time around this whole journey has been about being the best I can be health wise, and it has made all the difference in the world.

People are always asking me “are you done?”  “do you really want to lose more weight?” so when a friend of mine asked me that this weekend and I replied “I want to lose about 5 more pounds” I totally understood her eye roll.

I remember being the heavier person that just wanted to smack the crap out of some skinny person that whined about wanting to lose 5 more pounds.  I don’t consider myself skinny at all, but it is still a little comical to have been on both sides of that fence.

Weigh in 7/8/17 – Err Kind Of oh and Tools!

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So I didn’t weigh in at my meeting this week – I was AWOL.  I’m in the middle of a 14 day stretch at work, so I had to miss my meeting.

I did weigh in at home, which is an event all unto itself.  You see my scale is a bit possessed.  It never ever ever matches what the scale says at my Weight Watchers meeting.  It is anywhere from a half of a pound under to almost a full pound.

So according to my scale at home I lost 2 pounds this week.  Taking into past consideration that could be anywhere from a half a pound to a pound and a half, so I’ll split the difference and say I lost a pound.

Which means I am 7 pounds to goal!  Wow.

I must say I was pretty impressed with myself and how far I’ve come.  It made me think about what is so different this time around?

Seriously, when I lost a ton of weight on Weight Watchers before….If I knew well in advance that I wouldn’t have to weigh in for two weeks…Well let’s just say it would have been a couple of day feeding frenzy followed by very strict under-eating of points for the rest of the time.

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