Weigh In 8-7-17 – It’s Not Me It’s You

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So I’m done with my temper tantrum from last week and was down a pound.  That means one more to go!  It’s still just weird to think about not thinking about losing weight.

I mean I’ll always have to be mindful of what I’m putting in my mouth and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will always need to track my food unless I want to go back up 70+ pounds.  Yes as the title in my blog states I am a serial Weight Watcher and if you go from my very first (and highest) weight with Weight Watchers I’ve lost 79 pounds.

You do what works and that’s what works for me.

It’s funny when you lose a lot of weight.  You get a lot of compliments of course and there are also a lot of things that can derail you if you let them.

When you are overweight you get treated a lot differently than when you are not.  You are almost invisible when you are an overweight woman (and maybe man, sorry guys I can’t speak for you), and when all of a sudden you are not it can make you almost uncomfortable or have negative thoughts.

Like the other day – I was at the gas station and this young man jogged past me to open the door for me.  It was a very nice gesture and I said thank you, but those thoughts entered my mind – he wouldn’t have done that 60 pounds ago.

This particular person very well could have, but in my experience that’s not the case.  You can let things like that bother you, or you can just accept the nice gesture.

Having those thoughts or negative feelings will not change the way people are treated one way or the other.  I had a revelation a few months ago, and it has totally changed the way I think of myself, other women, and how we treat each other.

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Weigh in 7-29-17 – Oh Bloody Hell

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I was angry, oh yes, ANGRY.

You see I thought I was two pounds from my goal weight.  Well, 2.6 pounds.  I thought I might have it.  I thought when I stepped on that scale I might hear them shout goal and confetti would come out of the sky and Oprah would give me the keys to a new car.

Well of course that wouldn’t all happen but I would have made goal.

Did I ever tell you I’m a goal oriented type of person.  I like to ACHIEVE, which is probably why Weight Watchers works so well for me.

Anyway, so I’m about to get on the scale and I tell the receptionist that I think I might have it or will only be a few tenths away and she asks how tall I am and it turns out the last receptionist figured out my goal weight wrong and I’m really 3.6 pounds away.  Phew.

Say what?

I know, I know….I’m doing this for my health blah flippin’ blah.

So what’s one pound, right?  It’s nothing in the scheme of things, and I’m angry at myself for being angry.

I still got angry in spite of myself.  So I have to lose 2 more pounds instead of 1 pound to get to goal.  Big deal, right?

Well Weight Watchers may be all “BEYOND THE SCALE” now but guess what….That scale is still there and it still dictates when you are at goal and when you are at lifetime.

I want to be at freakin’ goal and I will get to freakin’ goal.

It’s just going to take me an extra week or two.  Let me tell you, when you get to the bottom of the barrel weight wise it is not that easy.

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Weigh In 7-22-17 – All the Feels

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So I thought I had a tumor but it turns out it was a bone I haven’t felt in 15 years.  How was your week?

Oh, and I lost 2 more pounds.  After that 3 pound lost last week I thought for sure I’d have a very small one this week.

I. Am. Only. 2.6 Pounds. From. Goal.

I will then try not to lose weight.  What? 

If I try and remember a time when I wasn’t at least thinking about my weight I’d have to go back to when I was 10 years old.  I was a horrible sleeper and my parents finally gave up trying to make me stay in bed, so I’d get up and watch TV in the middle of the night at least a couple times a week.

There was an infomercial on and they were talking about back fat.  I vividly remember reaching around and thinking that I might have that!  And it was Bad!  I was in 4th grade and weighed 69 pounds.  I remember that for obvious reasons.

Seriously in the 80’s kids new what that number meant and it being announced in front of everyone will scar you for life.  I wonder if they still do that to kids?

I think the average 10 year old is supposed to weigh like 75 pounds, so yeah, I didn’t have an inch of fat on me.

So most of my life I’ve thought about my weight or losing weight.  In the culture we live in I’m guessing that is the case for most females, if not males.  Do you all have similar experiences?

It feels weird to think about it, that I will be at the weight I want to be at.  It almost feels uncomfortable.

I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it I suppose.  Now I’m just going to power on to rid myself of those last 2.6 pounds.  I am expecting a stand still soon here, and that’s okay.  My body likes it’s fat and tends to hold on for a week or two before giving it up.  Two big losses like that in a row is a small miracle.

Oh, and I’ve received a ton of support from the Instant Pot Community on Facebook.  I received a ton of messages asking if I knew of a healthy recipe pressure cooker community.  I didn’t so I started one.  Please join if you are interested in healthy recipes for your pressure cooker!

Click here to join my new group!

Also I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that people really like my A Day in the Life – 30 Point Day, so I’m going to try and post a 30 point day each week.

Have a great week everyone!

Weigh In 7-15-17: I’m one of THOSE People

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So I got to weigh in this week despite my 2 week long no break from work.  I lost 3 pounds!

This puts me to the point in my weight loss that I only have to lose 5.4 pounds to be at a “healthy” weight.  Like not obese, not overweight, but HEALTHY.

This is my goal.  Sure I could probably lose a few vanity pounds after that, but I’m not to much worried about that.  This time around this whole journey has been about being the best I can be health wise, and it has made all the difference in the world.

People are always asking me “are you done?”  “do you really want to lose more weight?” so when a friend of mine asked me that this weekend and I replied “I want to lose about 5 more pounds” I totally understood her eye roll.

I remember being the heavier person that just wanted to smack the crap out of some skinny person that whined about wanting to lose 5 more pounds.  I don’t consider myself skinny at all, but it is still a little comical to have been on both sides of that fence.

Weigh In 6/24/17 – 50 Pounds GONE

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So I know I told you all I was going to Vegas and wanted enjoy myself and not worry so much about the Weight Watchers stuff.

Plans change.  My niece had an emergency appendectomy right before so we canceled.  We’ll get to go some other time, and the fact that she is doing well means we already won.

So I got to go to my meeting this weekend and low and behold I made my 50 pounds!  FIFTY POUNDS PEOPLE.

If you add in the weight I lost going back to the first time I did Weight Watchers (and never regained) I’ve lost 72 pounds total.  Wow.

I promise to put a progress pic up later in the week and I made an awesome, delicious pizza roll in my air fryer this weekend.  I forgot to get a pic so I guess I’m just going to have to make it again 🙂  Recipe coming soon!

Weigh In 6-18-17 Oh Boy

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So I’m close.  Very close.  Like 10 pounds and some ounces close.  Like I’ve never been this close before. To goal. I’ve lost 48.6 pounds and have 10.4 to go.

I haven’t weighed this little since I was 29 years old, and that my friends was a decade and change ago.

So I am super close to goal and what do I do?  Hey, let’s go to Vegas!

To be fair I had this trip planned for a while.  My brother is playing in the World Series of Poker and I said I’d go with.  This funny thing happens on the way to Vegas though, it’s like you go through this time warp travel thingy and get off the plane feeling like you are 22.

And acting it.

Please don’t say it’s just me.

Food….Drinks…More drinks…some more drinks…food.

Good God what I have I done??

Nope I’m not going to stress about it and I’m going to have a blast.  I was thinking about this vacation thing, and how it was in the pre-fat days.  It wasn’t like I went on vacation and was like “oh I better not eat that” or “I better not drink that huge honking margarita because I might gain weight.”

No, I went and had a great time, and when I got back if the pants were a bit snug I reeled it back in until they weren’t.

Did I mention that the two other times I did Weight Watchers and fell off the wagon was after going on vacation?

It feels different this time.  I’m giving myself a pass.  Am I going to eat everything in site and drink until I puke?  No, but I am going to have some awesome crepes at the Paris and a Sprinkles cupcake and oh probably my fair share of adult beverages.

Will I gain?  Maybe.  Will my butt be back in that chair July 1st facing the music for whatever may happen?  Most definitely.

I leave this Friday so my blog may be a bit of a ghost town since I haven’t had a day off work in two weeks and have so much to do before I go.

But I’ll be back.  I promise.

Weigh in 6-10-17, Stages of Weight Loss, and Popsicles oh my

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So weigh in went well this week, I lost 2.8, pushing me over that 45 pound loss mark.  Yeah!  Thirteen pounds left to goal!  I can’t even believe it!

Speaking of that 45 pound mark, I have found that there are certain stages of weight loss.  Let me illustrate them for you with my dear friend Oprah:

  • stagesof2

I’ve been getting the “but you are wasting away” comments.  The “you don’t want to get to thin” comments.  I’m a 10/12 right now so I most certainly am not wasting away or to thin thankyouverymuch.

I see a lot of people in that under 20 pound range that have hurt feelings because no one has noticed, and I’m here to tell you a story that will make you feel better.

I had a friend that I hadn’t seen in awhile and I commented on how she had lost weight and looked great.  She hadn’t.  Maybe it was the outfit, maybe it was because I hadn’t seen her in a long time, but she hadn’t lost weight and demanded to know if she looked fat before.

Uh…Uh…yeah awkward to say the least.  So asking people if they lost weight ranks up there with asking someone if they are pregnant.  Unless I am positively sure, or if they mention it, I do not say a word.  Not. A. Word.

And make sure you enjoy that 20-30 pound stage.  It’s about the only time someone won’t be critical of you!

I also wanted to share with you an easy swap for pudding pops with low smartpoints since it is hotter than the seventh layer of hell today.

It’s so easy.  You just make your sugar free/fat free pudding and pour them into Popsicle molds.  Freeze.  That’s it.


I normally use my metal mold from amazon.

You can find them anywhere, I just like the way the metal ones come out.  I have a set of plastic ones that I don’t like as well, but they do the trick!  I think I found them at Target in their clearance bin, so keep an eye out!


You can even do cool stuff like put fruit in them!  The picture above used vanilla pudding with strawberries and it was delicious!

So get creative and beat the heat without breaking your smartpoint balance!  Mine usually come out to about 2 points a pop, which for a dessert/ice cream like item is awesome!

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Weigh In 6/3/17 – Whoops!

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I didn’t weigh in this Saturday.  No, it wasn’t one of my usual excuses I used to have before this go-round like I gained weight.

I had to train someone at work, and I didn’t find out until Friday afternoon so my weigh in options were gone.

Now if I go according to my scale at home, which I’m pretty sure is possessed I lost 2 pounds, but I’m not taking it until I can do an actual weigh in, especially since it’s said I gained a pound but when I weigh in at Weight Watchers I’ve lost, or sadly when it’s said I lost 3 pounds and I weigh in and have lost like point freakin’ 2.

Possessed I tell you.

But I digress….I didn’t even realize it until yesterday, but it was a great learning experience for me.  You see, as a serial Weight Watcher I have done it all, seen it all.  In the past when I knew before hand that I wasn’t weighing in it was all “Whoo hoo we have an extra week to make up any damage Paaarrrtaaay!”.

Friday night would have been a free-for-all of ice cream and pizza.  No, probably pasta and bread, because yes Oprah tells us we can have it but you pay dearly for it with your points.

The funny thing is that thought didn’t enter my head.  I didn’t think ahh screw it I don’t have to weigh in tomorrow so I’m going to enjoy myself tonight.  I didn’t even think it.

Well so this is new and maybe perhaps I’ve finally got it this time.


Weigh In 5-27-17 – Document Your Life

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Down 2.6 this week.  Not to shabby!  I new it was coming because I had those few low weeks.  The thing about Weight Watchers and now FitBit you get a whole lot of data.  I love data, numbers, everything and anything to do with analyzing information.

I think that many people who get “stuck” would realize that they have a pattern.  I tend to have lower losses, and then a big one.  My body likes it’s fat, and isn’t going to let go right away.  But let it go it does my friends, if I don’t get discouraged and just keep plugging along!  I’ve lost 43.4 pounds so far, with 15 to go to goal.

The pic in this post shows a 25 pound difference for me.  The little nephew Roman found some of those pounds 🙂  I had on no make-up, my hair was a mess, but even in a world of filters and poses and 50 selfies until you get that perfect one I decided to take this picture anyway.

It’s all about documenting your life.

I’ve learned about this the hard way, after my parents died in succession.  When you lose your parents you inherent things like all the family photo albums.  My best friend’s Mom died soon after mine, and we found out our parents had a couple of things in common.

Both our Mothers struggled with their weight, going up and down their whole lives.  My Mom was skinny most of the time when I was growing up, but she also did not eat.  Like I never saw her eat.  She had a lot of health problems because of this, and when she got to her 40’s the starving stopped, and the weight packed on.

My friend’s Mom was the opposite.  She was always bigger and lost a ton of weight when she got older.  Unfortunately it was from un-diagnosed diabetes, and once diagnosed and treated she gained it all back.

The other thing they had in common was the disappearance and reappearance in pictures.  I have pictures with my Mom when I was little, but the older I got the more these became less frequent, or not at all.

I barely have any pictures of my Mom once she started gaining weight.  I don’t even have a picture with my Mom when I graduated from college.  Do you know what I would do to have that??

It was a sad realization, and you can’t go back and get memories like that.  It must be fairly common, and seeing my friend go through the same things just makes it all that more sad.

I imagine being in the world we are now it’s even worse.  I don’t understand it.  I mean, I understand the avoiding pictures thing – God knows I’ve done it too.  What I don’t understand is the obsessive culture we live in where people do so much to their pictures to look perfect.

I mean, we see you in real life.  We know you don’t look like that.  But with all this pressure to have that perfect picture on social media has probably made the picture phobia ten times worse because I’m betting a bunch of people out there fear the dreaded tagged pic – the one where your double chin and thunder thighs are in full view.

So that day back in February, when we had an unusually warm day and I took my nephews to the park to play, I took a really awful pic with messy, windblown hair and no make-up.  It was a great day, documented forever.

Yesterday, about 25 pounds less, I took a similar picture.  I’m glad I have them, for sure, because I can see my hard work paying off.  But I’m also glad that I have them for the memories made that day.

I don’t want to die and have people be sad because they don’t have documented memories of me because I thought I would look fat.  I don’t want to leave behind a sterile Facebook page full of pictures that don’t match people’s memories of me because they look nothing like me.

I’m going to document my life, my real life.  No one is going to look back and think “God she was fat!” or “man couldn’t see have got the lighting right?”

They’ll just be happy to have a visual to go with their memories.  I sure wish I had more.


Weigh In 5-20: At Last!

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So I’ve been waiting for this week for two weeks.  I thought I would have made it last week, but thanks to how our wonky bodies work it didn’t happen.

I got my 40 pound star.  Last week was a disappointing and not deserved -.2 loss.  Point. Freaking. 2.  I was mad for sure, but I kept on plugging because this weight loss stuff is really just math.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again it is just math, and you have to find the program that helps you make sense of that math.  For some it’s Whole 30,  for some it’s Atkins, and for others it’s good old fashioned calorie counting.

For me, Weight Watchers makes sense of it to my brain and my body.  I lost 2 pounds without the point this week.  I’m getting close to goal, so I know it’ll be slower.  My body is smaller and burns less calories.  Even thought there will be disappointing weeks it’ll come, because it’s math.

Math don’t lie, but it does fib every once in awhile.

Let’s just get this straight right now – I am not the type to start running 5 miles a day so that I can get to goal in a month.  I run when there is danger.  Period.

So I’ll deal with my disappointing weeks and stick with my Yoga and strength training and walking.

But why the 40?  Why was that so important to me?  I’m an achiever.  I always have been.  Those stupid little gold stars actually help people like me.

Weight Watchers now says they are “Beyond the Scale” but I think that’s crap.  The scale is a measurement tool for that math.  I completely agree that people get totally hung up on numbers, myself included, but if we could only start thinking of it as a way to measure our health instead of our self-worth we’d all be okay.

In my younger days as a teenager I can remember them saying supermodels weighed like 118 and were like 7 feet tall.  If I get in the 140’s I look like I’m sick.  Ribs stick out and it’s not pretty.  So many of us have been taught that women should weigh 120.  I honestly don’t know how they all weight so little, and part of me wonders if they are lying.

I did some gardening this weekend and I always love taking pictures of my flowers at the beginning of the season and then again once they are in full bloom – a reverse before and after picture if you will.  I need to do that and promise I will have that up soon.