Challenge Day 12

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Coming into the home stretch people. Two more days left of the challenge and I’m confident that I got myself back in the habit of tracking to where I will continue.

How did everybody else do today?

Challenge Day 11

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As I said yesterday, I’m really enjoying some of the food that I ate at the beginning of my weight loss. Tonight I had a recipe that I used to make a lot, opa chicken kabobs.

Again I can’t believe how I just forgot about this recipe that I love so much. I also realized that I don’t have it on my blog. I have a version that uses canned chicken but I don’t have the actual kabobs up.

I promise I’ll post that one this weekend, and you all have got to try it. With the new freestyle program they are very economical smart Point wise.

So we have 3 more days to go guys. How’s everyone doing?

Challenge Day 10 – Eating to the Oldies

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When you first start a diet plan, whether it be Weight Watchers or some other deal you will find some favorite things that help keep you on track.

Chances are you will eat and eat and eat them until you get sick of them or find something else that you eat and eat and eat until the next thing comes along.  We forget about some of those favorites, and this challenge has had me revisiting some of my old tracker entries.

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Challenge Day 9

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Work is kicking my booty so just stopping by to drop my tracker. 9 days in and I’m still going strong, and it’s funny because I didn’t realize that I actually missed tracking. It really helps you to feel in control.

How did everyone do today?

Challenge Day 8

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I’m still going strong everybody! I’m halfway through the challenge and so glad that I did it. I can already tell a difference and how I feel.

Truth be told I was at my goal weight when I started this challenge and I still am. I just feel better because I am feeding my body more nourishing foods and have cut the crap out.

How’s everybody else doing so far?

Taco Casserole (Challenge Day 7)

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I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a long time.  I only have the Instant Pot version as I haven’t made it any other way.  You probably could do it with the slow cooker using the same ingredients on high for four hours, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t vouch for it!

This super easy and super delicious recipe is my entry for my Daily Challenge  I made this because it makes A LOT, and I plan on eating it for lunch all week.  It’s filling and holds me over until dinner easily.

It’s 4 Smartpoints a cup.  In all reality it is probably 3, but I tend to err on the side of caution!

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Challenge Day 6

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Everything is going great, and I can really feel a difference since I’m being more conscientious about what I eat.

I’ve seen that many of you have asked for me to post more of exactly what I eat because I’ve just been posting a picture from my tracker. I will try to do that when I have days that I have time, but know if I am just posting my tracker it is just to keep myself honest and make sure I fill it out.

How is everybody’s weekend so far?

Challenge Day 4

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I had an awesome day today. It is amazing how fast it all comes back when you get back on track. I’ve noticed a lot of things that had fallen back into old habits.

Portion sizes had completely gotten out of control. Not only that, but not having regular meals.

It is scary how fast you can get out of control, even after being in control for so long. What I have learned from past experiences is to not let that Fester. I’ve gotten close to goal before, and completely screwed it up by just falling off the wagon for a week.

This time I refuse to let that happen to myself, and I’m proud of myself for catching it before I went over my goal weight.

How did you all do today? Remember if you didn’t start this Challenge from the beginning you can jump in at any time. Just leave a comment on the post that you’re in and use this Daily Post to help keep you on track.