Turkey Jambalaya

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This is my spicy version of Jambalaya!  Delicious and filling, it is one of my favorite new recipes!

If divided into 4 servings it is 7 WW Points.  It is about a cup and a half per serving.  You can make it into 5 one cup servings for 5 WW Points.  It is very filling and the one cup version is a perfect lunch.

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When the Impossible Becomes Possible

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I don’t think I ever truly believed I could reach a healthy weight until that day back in 2017 when I stepped on the scale and it actually happened.

Sure, I would tell myself that I was going to do it, I always did.  I lost a significant amoutn of weight a couple of times, but I would always regain some of it.  Back in the day I remember being in the bathroom at work and a couple of women walked in.

One of them said, “Have you seen how much weight Kelly has lost?”

The other replied, “Yeah, should we take bets on how fast she gains it back?  She’s like Oprah.”

That was 2002 y’all.  2002 and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

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On the Road Again

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Right.  So the last time I posted I was going to get my act together and start acting right.

Life threw back it’s head and laughed an evil laugh.  Silly girl, we can’t have that.

I ended up leaving town for work.  It was supposed to be for a week, and that week turned into two, and those two turned into a month.

If I knew it was going to be this long I would have booked a stay in one of those extended stay hotels with a small kitchenette, but by the time I realized I wouldn’t be going home any time soon, it was to late.

I’ll admit my first thought was I. Am. Screwed.  Eating out is my Achilles heal, and now I was going to have to eat out every meal for a month.

My whole trip was last minute, but I was lucky enough to stay in a hotel that had a small refrigerator and microwave in the room.

Do you ever seen those hard boiled eggs floating in mystery liquid in the gas station and wonder who on Earth would buy something like that?

This girl, that’s who.

I also used to wonder who would buy them already boiled at the grocery store when it’s so easy to do at home.  Now I know!

So breakfast was covered.  Hard boiled eggs?  Check.  Greek yogurt?  Check.

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Hard to Hear

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So something I haven’t shared here is that I have written my first novel.  Much like getting to my goal weight, it was something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to accomplish.  It’s amazing when you do accomplish something you didn’t think you could do:  All of a sudden all those other things you didn’t think you’d be able to do suddenly don’t seem so daunting.

I figured if I could drop that weight and get to an actual healthy weight, I could write a book.

I was right.

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Happy Holidays?

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Ahh the holidays, that wonder time of the year for being with family and friends.

It’s also that time of year filled with parties, drinks and food.  When I put my jeans on this morning I briefly wondered if I should register them as a lethal weapon because if the button popped off it would probably take out a small child.

So how did they get me, the one who has lost all this weight and kept it off for over a year?  It’s not a simple question.  First of all, the holidays can be hard for people like me who have lost a lot of loved ones.  Secondly, I’ve been working non-stop since August, averaging 80 hour work weeks, hence the lack of blog posts and recipes from me.  Lastly, I really love to bake.  Not only that, I love to eat it.  Sugar, glorious sugar will always be my drug of choice.

I’ve been white knuckling the back of the wagon since September.  My crazy work schedule totally threw me for a loop.  Food prep and just plain doing anything but sleep when I’m not at work is hard once you throw in my commute time to my 12 hour work day.

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Got Perspective?

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per·spec·tive:  a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Perspective was a very important word while I was losing weight, and I think it is even more important now.

I had a little perspective wake up call this weekend, and thought I’d share it with you all.  It was a lesson I’ll never forget, but sometimes gets pushed to the back of my mind until a reminder brings it to the surface.

We have to go in the way-back machine for this one folks.  It was back in 2002, the first time I joined Weight Watchers.  I was a losing machine, but hungry all the time.  You are only going to get so far that way, and thankfully Weight Watchers and myself have come a long way since 2002.

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One Year GOAL Anniversary!

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One year ago I walked into Weight Watchers for my weigh in, fingers crossed that I would make my goal weight.  I did it, and today I walked in and weighed exactly the same as I did one year ago.

I did it!  I can remember people telling me things like “Only 5% keep it off by their one year anniversary.”  Guess what?  I am the 5%! That is a terrifying number but I did it.

But why?  Why do only 5% make it?  Maintaining your weight is hard.  Yes, losing weight is hard, but in some ways maintaining it is even harder.  Now I know when I had about 40 pounds to go I would have wanted to smack someone upside the head that would say such a thing, but it’s true.

At first you are focused on getting to you goal, you know what to do, and you do it with these great little surprises along the way.  It’s different for everyone – maybe some want to get rid of a double chin, see a smaller pants size, or just plain feel better.  When you get to goal everything is just normal and stays the same.  You don’t have all those exciting little developments anymore, so you have to find different things to keep you excited.

Here are some of the things that kept me at goal for the last year:

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