Challenge Day 9

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Work is kicking my booty so just stopping by to drop my tracker. 9 days in and I’m still going strong, and it’s funny because I didn’t realize that I actually missed tracking. It really helps you to feel in control.

How did everyone do today?

Challenge Day 8

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I’m still going strong everybody! I’m halfway through the challenge and so glad that I did it. I can already tell a difference and how I feel.

Truth be told I was at my goal weight when I started this challenge and I still am. I just feel better because I am feeding my body more nourishing foods and have cut the crap out.

How’s everybody else doing so far?

Taco Casserole (Challenge Day 7)

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I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a long time.  I only have the Instant Pot version as I haven’t made it any other way.  You probably could do it with the slow cooker using the same ingredients on high for four hours, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t vouch for it!

This super easy and super delicious recipe is my entry for my Daily Challenge  I made this because it makes A LOT, and I plan on eating it for lunch all week.  It’s filling and holds me over until dinner easily.

It’s 4 Smartpoints a cup.  In all reality it is probably 3, but I tend to err on the side of caution!

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Challenge Day 6

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Everything is going great, and I can really feel a difference since I’m being more conscientious about what I eat.

I’ve seen that many of you have asked for me to post more of exactly what I eat because I’ve just been posting a picture from my tracker. I will try to do that when I have days that I have time, but know if I am just posting my tracker it is just to keep myself honest and make sure I fill it out.

How is everybody’s weekend so far?

Challenge Day 4

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I had an awesome day today. It is amazing how fast it all comes back when you get back on track. I’ve noticed a lot of things that had fallen back into old habits.

Portion sizes had completely gotten out of control. Not only that, but not having regular meals.

It is scary how fast you can get out of control, even after being in control for so long. What I have learned from past experiences is to not let that Fester. I’ve gotten close to goal before, and completely screwed it up by just falling off the wagon for a week.

This time I refuse to let that happen to myself, and I’m proud of myself for catching it before I went over my goal weight.

How did you all do today? Remember if you didn’t start this Challenge from the beginning you can jump in at any time. Just leave a comment on the post that you’re in and use this Daily Post to help keep you on track.

Challenge Day 2 – You Gotta Have A Plan

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How does that saying go?  Fail to plan and you plan to fail?  It is so very true.

I was extremely good at planning my meals for the week for the first year I was on Weight Watchers.  Every single Sunday, whether I worked or not, I had at least 3 lunches and breakfasts prepared for the week.  My Sunday dinner would be enough that I could have left overs at least one day, usually more.

It makes staying on track so much easier when you have that plan, so this Sunday, when I thought about how my week was going to go I decided to do salads for lunch, which is one of my favorites and extremely low in points now that chicken is free.  If you have the right containers they are also super easy to prep, and you can have your lunches done for the week in 20 minutes.  I have those cups you can get at restaurant supply stores so that my dressing is measured out for me.  Easy.

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Challenge Day One

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So….Here we go. Now if you didn’t see my post from yesterday until today or tomorrow feel free to jump right in the challenge whenever you want!

Tracked everything?  Check

Exercise? Check


I had my normal breakfast of yogurt, pb2 and blueberries, but this time I did something I haven’t done since the advent of Freestyle.  I measured it.  Before I always had a cup of yogurt.  Once it was “free” I figured I’d just guess, and after measuring again after so long I realized that my portions are WAY out of control.

This inspired me to weigh my chicken for my salad I ate for lunch, and I was eating way more than the 4 ounces I used to eat.

Now I know Freestyle is supposed to free us up a bit, but I have to be honest – if portion control were my thing I never would have had to go to weight watchers in the first place.

So even if things are free, I’m still going to weigh or measure.  I was never hungry PF – Pre-Freestyle.  I felt awesome, and my weight seemed to plateau out about five pounds under goal.

I had my pizza I make with Joseph’s pita bread for dinner (1 point a pita!) and if you learn anything from this post know this:  Cauliflower is freakin’ awesome on Pizza!  Try it!

How’d you all do?

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Throwing Down the Gauntlet

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So my crazy busy work schedule is hopefully behind me for awhile, so I’m back, and not a moment to soon.  I actually missed my monthly weigh-in for June, something I swore would never happen.

That’s not real life though.  Real life is messy and unpredictable.  Real life seldom presents you with the best possible circumstances to maintain your health, and you have to learn to roll with it.

One month will not make or break me.  I’m going to admit to you all, I was nervous as hell when I stepped on that scale.  Sure there are habits that are ingrained now, but the habit, the most important one, had disappeared since the advent of the Freestyle program.


For over a year and a half I religiously tracked my food.  Even if I had to guess I still guessed and put it in my Weight Watcher app.  I started out with the best intentions.  So many of the now free foods were my daily staples.  Tracking all those zeros seemed like a big waste of time, so I started to relax with it until tracking was non-existent.

How could I go from being so disciplined to a free for all in such a short amount of time is truly terrifying.  I was pleasantly surprised when I hit my goal number on the nose when I stepped on that scale a couple of weeks ago.  Obviously some of those habits still do a body good.

The problem is at one time I was five pounds under that number.  It may not seem like much, but I know that it starts as a little snowball and grows bigger as it rolls down the hill.  Maybe it’s silly, but I felt better, stronger with those five pounds gone.

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